Minutes: Public Service Task Force Meeting February 11, 1999 (meeting #12)

Present: P. Bischof (Co-Chair), N. Brailo, A. Brandt (Recorder), C. Lee (Co-Chair), L. Demsetz, P. Soriano, R. Tennant, B. Whitson. Guest: M. Rancer

1. Announcements:

**Reference and Users Services Quarterly special issue on "Reference Service in a Digital Age" came out first week of February. It includes articles by Ann Lipow and by the coordinators of the sessions at the LC conference on the same theme.

**Corliss gave a summary of a Roundtable meeting during which a conclusion about the AUL configuration was reached, and one-time funding ideas to be included in the budget were called for.

**CDL is planning to have annual update sessions with representatives from every campus.

2. Update on CDT Copier issues. (M. Rancer)

M. Rancer came to give a report on the Library's actions to get a new copier contract. He was prompted by the PSTF discussion of copy service seen in earlier minutes.

News: Xerox bought out CDT last fall, to get their copy card technology. They also got 240 contracts with other organizations for copy services. Xerox inherited the 15 year old Sharp machines, and our expectations of service. (They are using a 3rd party for the service.) They will honor the service requirements written into the CDT contracts, and will begin replacing machines. This contract expires July 31, and the Library is putting out another RFP (Request For Proposals). A new vendor and new machines may reduce financial take to the Library. Features we are looking for include book edge copying, double sided copying, ledger size copying, and color copying.

NOTE: any machines that are particularly unreliable should be reported to Charles Jackson, so that they can be put on a potential replacement list.

Other notes:

  • Library would like to see students able to use SID cards instead of copy cards.
  • Printers will be included in the new contract.
  • The economics do not support going less than 10 cents a page for printers.

3. Report, Meeting with G. Lowell. (P. Bischof & C. Lee)

**G. Lowell would like to see something useful come of the "public service priorities" document that PSTF has drafted. Options include circulating to all staff, use in mission and visioning planning, etc. It can be seen as a snapshot of needs across the system circa Spring 1999, with an emphasis on both critical and ongoing needs.

**The PSTF is willing to continue to raise the visibility of public service issues as long as LAUC-B and Library Administration feel it is useful. The decision about how much longer to extend its existence should be postponed until it can be considered in the light of other developments such as the appointment of an AUL for Public Service and the establishment of other public service committees and councils.

4. Spring PSTF Programs

  1. Chris Ferguson (B. Whitson) All is going as planned.
    Phyllis distributed a draft set of questions that panelists will be asked to respond to. PSTF members were asked to comment on these.
  2. Reference Panel (P. Bischof)

5. Follow-up meeting to Reference Service in a Digital Age conference (held at LC at Midwinter ALA) (R. Tennant)

**End of January, ALA had a "open-ended discussion session" to discuss three projects that LC is considering, based on ideas that came out of the first conference. More information can be found at http://lcweb.loc.gov/rr/digiref/. Roy reported that the gist of the discussion was that:

  • LC will follow up on the 1st project (a digital library clearinghouse of links)
  • The 2nd project is the most innovative (collaborative remote reference service among libraries)
  • There wasn't too much interest in the 3rd project (core competencies of reference staff)

The potential role of the CDL in these projects was discussed. Roy is on the CDL "Tools & Services Working Group". The possibility of doing a survey of existing email reference services was discussed.

6. The draft "Library Public Service Priorities" document was discussed.