Minutes: Public Service Task Force Meeting January 28, 1999 (meeting #12)

Present: P. Bischof [recorder] & C. Lee (Co-Chairs); A. Brandt; L. Demsetz; R. Tennant; B. Whitson

1. Minutes of January 14 were approved.

2. Announcements:

R. Tennant met with the CDL Tools and Services Working Group. The group got involved with specific guidelines or questions within certain areas to make evaluations vis a vis guidelines for the selection of tools and services for the CDL. There will be action minutes.

3. Summary of December meeting with G. Lowell (pb and cl)

4. Follow-up to G. Lowell's Town Hall Meetings (1/12, 1/13. 1/15)

Public service issues mentioned particularly were Doe/Moffitt and longterm public service strategies and the definition of our public service roles as they are in a digital age. PSTF activities cited included our report or set of priorities and our programming for public service dialogue and discussion. G. Lowell also mentioned a long-term (or medium term) visioning process involving all library staff.

5. Scheduling of Events and Planning for Spring Semester:

PSTF Events in Spring will lead off with a lecture by Chris Ferguson on February 25 in Alumni House, an event coordinated by Bill Whitson.

We discussed giving our Reference Panel a format similar to that of the User's Panel, with prepared questions submitted to panelists and discussion led by a moderator. Questions of interest to TF members include: current changes and plans in Reference; staffing at reference desks; relative importance of reference vis a vis instruction; levels of service; video conference and e-mail reference.

PSTF members will call UC campuses to get a sense of what is happening in public service on the various campuses; this information will be interesting in any case and will help us frame the panel.

We discussed our upcoming meeting with G. Lowell as well as future work of the Task Force.

Next Meeting: Thursday February 11, 1999 1 - 3