Minutes: Public Service Task Force Meeting January 14, 1999 (meeting #11)

Present: P. Bischof & Corliss Lee (Co-Chairs), N. Brailo, A. Concepcion, D. Sommer, [LAUC-B Ex Comm Liaison], C. Lunde, P. Soriano (recorder), B. Whitson

1. Announcements

Members of the task force expressed concern with the current state of the Xerox/CDT merger, and the recent delays in getting copy machines in some library units serviced. (merger began in November, and current contract will be up in July)

2. Summary of December meeting with Jerry Lowell (PB & CL)

P. Bischof and C. Lee summarized their first meeting with UL Jerry Lowell. Bischof and Lee gave him a copy of the PSTF draft summary of public service priorities, drawn from existing reports (such as the Blue Ribbon Committee report) and from PSTF events and discussions. This document, still a draft, was presented as an example of task force work. J. Lowell outlined some of his plans, which he intended to present to library staff at town hall meetings in January. J. Lowell expressed interest in the PSTF goals and proposed that he meet with Bischof and Lee again after the town hall meetings to ensure that PSTF plans meshed with his.

He also mentioned that he was pleased with the work of the various task forces. He commented that although they were all involved in important efforts, their findings will require coordination.

3. Plans for Spring semester

PSTF discussed our next steps and possible uses of the draft summary of public service priorities. Graduate student representative Chris Lunde stressed that although he is a very independent library searcher well-versed in electronic data bases and catalogs, he and his fellow students very much want to have available highly qualified reference staff in person (not remotely available) when research consultation is required.

PSTF will definitely continue to present programs of interest to public service staff, and as planning goes forward we will take into account the concerns and needs of our Affiliated Librarian colleagues. Tentative plans include a lecture by Chris Ferguson of USC and a panel discussing the future of reference in the UC system.

It was agreed that absent members and LAUC-B Ex Comm should be consulted before any decisions were made. Bischof and Lee will request another meeting with J. Lowell to discuss these issues with him.

4. Agenda for next meeting January 28th, 1999

Discuss speakers and timeline for the next two PSTF events.