Work Study

Work Study is a federally-subsidized hourly wage job program that may be part of your financial aid package. The Work Study subsidy pays for half of your salary. Using your Work Study award does not negatively impact your financial aid eligibility for the next Federal Aid year. Having a Work Study job may actually lower your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), which may make you eligible for additional aid.

If you are eligible to receive Work Study funds, you must activate your award upon receiving a job in the Library and at the start of every new academic year.

To activate your Work Study award, you must:

  • Inform Library Student Employment and your direct supervisor that you are eligible to receive Work Study funds. Student Employment will send you a job referral through the Work Study Website.
  • Log into the Work Study Website via CalNet authentication.
  • Accept the job referral.

The workstudy office is unable to retroactively use Work Study Awards, which is why it is very important to accept your job referral as soon as possible.

This process must be repeated for every new academic year and every new Work Study job. You will usually receive a Work Study job referral in Spring for the upcoming school year.