Performance Evaluation Expectations

Statement of performance evaluation expectations for Library staff

University policy and collective bargaining agreements provide for periodic performance evaluations for all employees. Evaluating supervisors may use the appropriate University performance management form. The employee receives a copy of the signed appraisal. Signed evaluations are retained in the employee's personnel file.

The Library carries out its mission through the individual and collective contributions of our employees. To be most effective, we all need to know that our contributions will be recognized and acknowledged. We can have our greatest impact on the successful accomplishment of the Library's mission when we fully understand the scope of our job responsibilities, how well we are carrying out those responsibilities, and what our future goals will be.

Performance descriptors are phrases used in rating the acceptability of an individual's performance. The Library Planning Group has approved the following terms and definitions in order to support parity in the description of performance across unit lines. In the cases below, it is implicit that the regular job duties as assigned are being performed at a satisfactory level or better.