Performance Management

For non-represented staff, Achieve Together check-in conversations occur three times per year and are completed within one month of the end of each check-in period. More information on the Achieve together Check-in periods can be found on Berkeley's People & Culture website.

Library Human Resources issues an annual Call for Performance Appraisals, requesting submission of completed performance appraisals for represented, non-academic staff employees. The evaluation period under review is the 12-month fiscal year (FY) period, July 1 of the preceding year through June 30 of the current year.

Performance Management Forms

Appraisals may be submitted on one of the following Performance Appraisal Form options:

Performance Management Cycle

The Library’s performance appraisal process is aligned with the Berkeley campus’ Performance Management Cycle and is initiated with Phase III: Assessment.

Along with a written assessment based on the past year’s performance , supervisors should set the groundwork for the next year’s cycle as outlined in Phase I Planning.

Performance Management Resources

Behavioral Anchors for Ten Core Competencies

Competencies continue to provide the underpinning of goal achievement and although they are not technically integrated for rating on the current Performance Planning and Review Form; the performance dimensions of the core competencies can be integrated into goals for measures of achievement and ratings on established goals.