At times, we all need time away from work for a variety of reasons. UC Berkeley Library staff has a number of leave options, including sick, vacation, holiday, family and medical leave (FMLA).

Leave accruals and leave eligibility for UC Berkeley Staff are calculated based on years of service to the university, union contracts, and employment type. The resources below will help you understand how your leave is calculated.

Non-Exempt Staff

Based on years of service, non-exempt Library staff accrues vacation and sick leave at designated factor rates per hour worked. Leave accruals are recorded twice per month.

Refer to the factor leave accrual chart for non-exempt staff to help you calculate your accruals.

Part Time Employees

Employees working at 43.75% time work 17.5 hours per week, every week. Employees working at this level are not eligible for vacation, sick leave, or holiday pay.

Exempt Staff

Exempt employees (paid monthly) accrue leave based on the amount of working days in the month. These accruals are recorded on a monthly basis.

Refer to the factor leave accrual chart for exempt staff to help you calculate your accruals.


CalTime is UC Berkeley’s payroll system for all staff employees. This system is used to record your timecard as well as leave balances and accruals.

Leave Reporting

New Employees

At the time of your onboarding, you will receive instructions on completing your monthly or bi-weekly timesheet using CalTime. During your first week, you will also receive an email from Campus Shared Services with further CalTime information.

Exempt Employee Leave Reporting

Exempt Employees do not normally report partial days off for either vacation or sick leave. The exception to this is when an employee is under the protection of the Family and Medical Care Act (FMLA).

When an exempt employee is on FMLA, all leave usage is reported, even partial days. The employee and supervisor can agree to a flexible work schedule that may help with situations such as these, including recurring doctor appointments, ongoing treatment and physical therapy. There is a separate exempt employee form that must be completed by the supervisor and the exempt employee.

For more detailed information see the Leaves Guide.

How do I report my time and/or leave?

Report your time and/or leave in CalTime. Visit the CalTime site for helpful guides and training for all employees.

How do I find my accrual balance?

You can find them in CalTime. Download this leave accrual guide for instructions and the Leave Accruals, Usage, and Balance presentation for an overview of the process and policies.