Employee Relations

Library human resources provides counsel, guidance, as-needed investigation services, and practical recommendations for resolution in areas that affect the employee-to-employer or employee-to-supervisor relationship across the employee life cycle.

Library human resources partners with campus Central Human Resources, Employee Relations and Campus Shared Services – Human Resources, and the campus Academic Personnel Office (APO) in the provision of employee relations services that broadly cover the employee – employer relationship including topics such as assessment of risk in employment actions, culture and respect in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, referrals to campus Academic and Staff Ombudspersons and University Health Services counselors, recommendations for Learning Center employee training addressing workplace behaviors, and handling of informal and formal complaints and discipline.

Contact LHRD for inquiries related to employee relations.

The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) has the specific responsibility for providing prompt and effective responses to all complaints of sex discrimination or harassment for faculty, staff, and students.

Resources and information addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention include: