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ALA 2011 Annual Meeting Highlights

ALA 2015 Midwinter Meeting Update

ALCTS: ISSN and You: Using ISSN SuperNumber in the Digital Environment (11/9/11)

Authority Records and Copyright Determination (11/19/14)

CAMCIG Local Holdings Records (10/9/09)

CAMCIG RDA webinar

Cataloging Defensively: When to Input a New Record in the Age of DDR (11/1/10)

Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference

Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference: Boston Public Library

Catching up on the news: Highlights from OpCo and NASIG (6/9/15)

Connexion Enhancements (4/20/11)

Connexion Enhancements (4/12/12)

Embedded URI in MARC: An Essential for Linked Data (10/26/16)

Emerging Trends and Advancements for Library Resource Discovery (2/25/15)

Experimenting with BIBFRAME: Reports from Early Adopters (4/8/15)

Expert Community Experiment Webinar

FRBR as a Foundation for RDA (12/15/10)

From MARC to BIBFRAME: An Introduction (5/26/15)

From Record-Bound to Boundless: FRBR, Linked Data, and New Possibilities for Serials Cataloging (10/23/14)

Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference

How to Get from Here to BIBFRAME (11/2/16)

Implications of MARC Tag Usage on Library Metadata

Introducing the BIBFRAME Model: high-level concepts and objectives (11/6/13)

Library Linked Data in the Cloud (5/21/15)

Linked Data Cataloging Workflows (11/16/16)

Modeling and Encoding Serials in BIBFRAME" (11/9/16) 

OCLC Research TAI CHI Webinar: How You Can Make the Transition from MARC to Linked Data Easier (11/5/15)

OCLC® “WorldShare® Record Manager: Start Here (4/27/15)

 Preventing Staff Burnout (6/22/11)

Melvyl Webinar Series (Sept. 2011)

Multiple 260 fields

NISO bibliographic control alphabet soup: AACR2 to RDAand evolution of MARC (10/14/09)

 Parallel Records Webinar (3/6/09)

PCC Operations Committee Meeting (May 2011)

Play, Learn, Innovate. An OCLC/Library Journal online symposium

Preparing Copy Catalogers for RDA (4/6/11)

Putting the Link in Linked Data (10/19/16)

Provider-Neutral Webinar

RDA and Serials Catalogers: Will Our Work Really Change (3/2/11)

RDA: Benefits for Users and Catalogers

RDA for Copy Catalogers: The Basics (9/9/15)

RDA: Revising, Developing, and Assessing (2/19/14)

RDA Serials Cataloging Update (12/8/15)

Tales from the East (5/30/14)

Tracing the Evolution of Linked Data (6/2/14)

Transforming MARCXML Records Using XSLT" (3/4/15)

Use of a new field (588) for serial records

Web-scale or Bust: Harnessing Cooperative Innovation for Management Service (7/21/10)

WorldShare Record Manager: Start Here (3/19/15)