Guidance for public services in cases of campus emergency alerts

Written 9/12, by E. Dupuis

If campus issues a "warn me" alert for any type of emergency that jeopardizes peoples' safety, please do what seems best for the safety and security of you, your staff (including SLEs) and your patrons. For some types of emergencies, it may be best to close the library and leave campus; in other cases it may be best to stay open and/or in the building.

If campus issues an alert which does not suggest the preferred action but allows for options (such as a message that allows for people to leave if they felt uncomfortable staying on campus), please allow for your staff (including SLEs) to take that action if they do have concerns. In public service locations, if possible reassign staff to key functions for the remainder of the day to continue basic services as usual. The departure of some staff may mean that we no longer have sufficient staff to keep the library open. In those cases, please post a sign on the library door to note it is closed and explain the reason. When you have the ability to do so, please contact the University Librarian's Office and your AUL/Director to notify them of the decision and see that the hours of the library are changed in the online database.