Activity Eligibility

The proposed activity must be related to the applicant's career within the UC Berkeley Library. This also includes the Library Human Resources Department, Business Services, the Library Systems Office, and other administrative work. Career-related activities will develop skills, knowledge, and other qualifications; prepare the employee for additional assignments or positions within the Library; or ensure awareness of current advances in the employee's field.

SDC funds are not automatic, and there is always a chance that your request might not be granted for a variety of reasons. Please apply for funding 2 weeks BEFORE the class or conference you want to attend. Please do not submit an application for SDC funding if your training is already in progress or if it has been completed. For more information, please refer to the travel, training and development support policy

The most common reason why requests for funding are denied is because the training opportunity is determined to be job-related instead of career development. If you are expected or asked to do something as a part of your job, this is considered job-related and can not be funded by SDC. Position-related training is ultimately the responsibility of the unit in which the staff member works. If the training you are interested can be shown to relate to the development of your career within the library, then it is eligible for SDC funding.

SDC funds cannot be used to pay for individual memberships in organizations such as Toastmasters, ALA, and CLA, so requests of this kind will be denied. Librarians are permitted to use LAUC-B funding for personal membership in professional organizations.

Notice on out-of-state travel: AB 1887 prohibits the use of state funding to pay for or sponsor travel to states that after June 26, 2015, have enacted laws considered to be discriminatory based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The four states currently affected by this law are Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. More information on the law can be found here.