Funding Guidelines

Am I eligible to use SDC funds?

Probationary Period for Employees
The applicant must complete the probationary period before becoming eligible for SDC funding.

Part-time Employees' Eligibility
Part-time employees are eligible for SDC funds.

Temporary Employees' Eligibility (Part time or full time)
SDC may award funds to temporary employees for staff development opportunities that fall within the parameters of their appointment. The Library is not obligated to provide funding for professional development in other areas of work within the Library. The development activity must take place and end before the employee's separation date. The Library will not reimburse employees who submit receipts for reimbursement after their separation date.

Funding for Representing the Library
When programs of career-related interest to an individual are held in conjunction with programs at which it is necessary for the Library to be represented, joint support by SDC and the Library Administration could be appropriate. In such cases, SDC should consult with Library Administration in order to determine the level of support from either source.

How much money and time off can I request?

The per applicant amount for the current fiscal year is $600.00. Funds are spent in the fiscal year in which the activity takes place. For example, fees for a class in August 2016 will be taken from the employee's SDC funds for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017. This is the case even if the employee pays for the fees in June 2016 or earlier. Thus, what matters is when you attend the activity, not when you pay. (Note: Affiliated Library Staff are not eligible for SDC funding because the employment appointment is not with the University Library).

Travel, Lodging, and Food
Refer to the University travel website for current travel policies and per diem schedule.

Time Off for Professional Development
Time off for staff development is subject to supervisor approval. See also:

  • AFSME Service - Article 6
  • CUE - Article 38
  • UPTE RX-Article 8
  • UPTE TX-Article 8

Leave Funding for Holidays and Weekends
Leave with pay will not be granted for Saturday, Sunday or holidays unless these days are part of the employee's regularly scheduled work hours. Requests for paid leave to travel to an event will be favorably considered if the distance to the program location and the necessity to travel on weekdays (excluding holidays) so merits.