Forms and Instructions

Application Instructions

To allow enough time for SDC to review your application,  please submit your application at least 2 weeks in advance of your training or other professional development event. Late submissions may not be approved.

Note: In the event that you decide not to request reimbursement for your approved professional development activity or choose not to attend it, please notify the SDC Chair and Kris Leonardo in Business Services immediately.

  1. Verify eligibility for SDC funding. Any permanent staff member not eligible for professional travel may apply for Staff Development Committee (SDC) supported training and travel funding of up to $600.00 per fiscal year for educational, professional or career development activities. To determine your eligibility please see Library Titles by Personnel Program. (Note: Affiliated Library Staff are not eligible for SDC funding because the employment appointment is not with the University Library).

  2. Fill out the Travel/Training/Development Request Form. Check the box for (SDC) Staff development under Activity Type.

  3. Attach official documentation of the proposed activity if available (e.g., scanned copy of brochure, pamphlet) using the File Upload function.  You may include a URL to the event/activity description in the appropriate field on the form if available.

  4. Compose a brief statement (one paragraph will suffice) explaining how the proposed activity relates to your career or professional development plans within the Library. This should be added in the Business Purpose section of the request form.  The committee MAY require a letter of comment from the Supervisor, Unit Head or AUL that clearly demonstrates the relationship of the proposed activity to the applicant's general career goals within the Library.  If required this should be added using the File Upload function on the form.

  5. Submit the funding application. Notify your Supervisor once you have submitted the funding application. The funding request must include signatures of your supervisor, unit head, and AUL/Director before it will forward for SDC review.  You will be able to track the progress of your request by selecting My Travel Requests from your Dashboard after logging into the LAS website.

  6. Library Travel Reimbursement Procedures -  to be done within 14 calendar days of completion of the approved professional development activity

    1. If entertainment expenses will be incurred, please provide the business purpose of the entertainment expense in the “Business Purpose” section of the online travel pre-approval request form.

    2. Include the estimated entertainment expense amount in the “Meals and Incidentals” portion of the form.

    3. When you return from your trip, log back onto the LAS website. On your Dashboard, click on My Travel Reimbursements.

    4. Enter the guest names and their affiliation, event location, and the event date in the “Special Circumstances” section of the online travel reimbursement request form.

    5. When you complete the “Meals & Incidentals” portion of the form, include the total entertainment expense amount so the form can include it in your total expenses.

    6. Upload receipts for all entertainment expenses of $75 or more per occasion. For more details on policy for entertaining while traveling, please visit [here].

    7. You will receive the reimbursement via direct deposit.


Questions? Please contact Ryan Barnette at or Jenifer Carter at for more information.