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Aging and the Elderly
Ancient and Classical Civilizations
--See Also: Classical Rome and Greece: Movies and Dramatizations

Anthropology (Cultural)
SEE Ethnography & Folk Culture

Anthropology (Physical)
SEE Life Sciences (Human and Animal Origins and Evolution)

Area Studies
Documentaries and other materials about various countries/regions of the world; works about globalization and the global economy; works about international human rights issues.
--See Also:
Movies by Language/Country
International Child Welfare Issues
Global Tourism

SEE Environmental Design

Art History and Practice (including photography)
For Performance Art and Video Art SEE Experimental and Avant-garde Film, Theater, Performance Works)

Biography (documentaries)
--See Also: Biopics

Business and Economics
--See Also: Global Issues and Events

California and The West
Includes separate section on San Francisco documentaries

City and Regional Planning
SEE Environmental Design

Commercials and Advertisements

Includes biographical and performance documentaries about individual dancers and dance groups; dance in the movies

Disability (Physical disability)
--See Also:
Psychology (for videos on mental disability)
Physical and Mental Disabilities in the Movies

Documentary Classics
Definining works by pre and post-WWII documentary/ethnographic filmmakers.

Education and Student Life
Includes videos on teaching technique; the sociology of the classroom; the politics and culture of education in the US.
--See Also: Teens and Schools in the Movies & Television

Environment and Natural Resources

Environmental Design
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City and Regional Planning

Ethnic Studies
--See Also: The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity for Hollywood and other film representations of racial and ethnic groups

Ethnography and Folk Culture
Includes works on global folkways and customs, anthropology and anthropologists, and transcultural interactions, including global tourism

--See Also:
Area Studies
Musical Traditions of the World
Religions and Myths of the World

Experimental and Avant-garde Artists, Performers, and Film Makers

Film History and Film Making
--See Also:
Movies About Filmmaking and Hollywood
Early Film (film to 1930)

Food: Production, Consumption, Politics
Includes works on the economics and politics of food; food and the environment; food and health; the psychology of eating; world hunger; genetic modification of food supply
--See Also: Food in the Movies

Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Studies
--See Also: Queer Cinema/Representation of Gays and Lesbians in Film and TV

Including US and European history, historical eras (1920's/30's, 1950's, 1960's), works about international terrorism; and more.
See also: Primary Sources

Human Rights Issues
--See Also: Area Studies

Immigrants and Immigration
SEE Ethnic Studies

Journalism, Media Studies and New Media
--See Also:
TV and Radio Programs
Commercials and Advertisements
Journalists & the Media in the Movies

Labor and Labor History
Includes works on labor history, international labor issues, movies on labor themes.
--See Also:
Global Issues and Events
International Child Welfare Issues
Labor Themes in the Movies and on TV

Language and Communication

Includes literary biography and criticism; videos on individual literary schools and traditions.
--See Also:
Literary and Dramatic Adaptations
Poety Readings
Beat Generation Audio and Video Resources
Theater: History, Criticism, Biography

Medicine & Health
Includes works on traditional and alternative medicine; addiction; biotechnology; medical ethics; death and dying; disease and disease control; drugs and the pharmaceutical industry; and international public health
--See Also:
Aging and the Elderly

The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity
Representation of racial and ethnic groups in current and historical feature film; films by filmmakers of color.

Multimedia Resources and Full-text CD-ROMs

Musical Traditions of the World
--See Also: Movies About Music and Musicians

Short documentary films produced between 1909 and the late 1950s dealing with current news and events, and regularly shown in movie theaters.
--See Also: Journalism

Peace and Conflict Studies
Includes works on world wars and regional conflicts, peace movements and peace activism.

Performance Art
SEE Experimental and Avant-garde Artists, Performers, and Film Makers


Popular Culture / Subculture
Includes works on popular amusements and diversions, fads and fashions, popular print culture.
--See Also:
TV and Radio Programs and Commercials
Musical Traditions of the World
Sports Documentaries

Primary Sources Materials: Moving Images and Sound
Strategies and resources for finding and using moving image and sound primary source materials in the MRC collection and elsewhere.

Propaganda (War Propaganda, Social and Religious Propaganda)

Documentaries about mental disabilities; addiction, brain physiology; child development; psychology and psychiatry.
--See Also: Mental Disability/Psychiatry in the Movies

Public Health
SEE Medicine and Health

Religions and Myths of the World
--See Also: Religious Themes in the Movies & Television

Science and Technology
Includes history of science; life sciences; physical sciences; and applied sciences
--See Also: Medicine & Health
--See Also: Ditital Media/Communications, New Media and Social Networks

Shakespeare Plays and Shakespeare Studies

Social, Political, and Economic Issues in America
Includes criminal justice; drugs/drug traffic; homelessness; poverty & welfare; immigration; affirmative action; violence and other issues

General works on sociological issues and practices

--See Also: Sports in the Movies

Student Films and Student Writing on Film

Teenagers and Teen Culture
--See Also:
Education and Student Life
International Child Welfare Issues

Television and Radio Programs
--See Also: Commercials and Advertisements

Includes documentaries about international theater history, biography, and criticism
--See Also:
Literary and Dramatic Performances and Adaptations
Literary History, Criticism, Biography

Transportation Studies

UC Berkeley: Lectures, Events, History:

U.S. History

U.S. Politics and Government
Including works on presidents and the presidency; political speeches, debates, and political advertisements
--See Also: U.S. Politics and the Movies & Television

Video Series in the Media Resources Center

Women and Gender Studies (Includes Men's Studies)

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