Staff Mentorship Program

The Librarian/Staff Mentorship Program is an effort to foster an environment that can promote the professional growth of staff and encourage them to pursue a career in librarianship. Mentors fill a unique niche in the career development process of mentees by acting as a point of reference for responding to questions that may arise about career development, providing encouragement, and inspiring them to pursue their career path. They can help their mentees gain valuable real-world knowledge that may be difficult to glean from attending workshops or classes. The success of this program will be a collaborative effort between mentors and mentees. By doing so, this program can help to build a stronger and more cohesive staff community.

Librarian Mentors Role and Responsibilities

Be knowledgeable and share experiences and information on professional development and volunteer opportunities. Introduce mentee to broader networks, campus and potential community resources. Support and encourage mentee. Be willing to share experiences and devote time to foster professional relationship with mentee. Mentors and mentees will be expected to meet a minimum 2-3 times a semester for at least one academic year.

The Mentorship Program offers mentors an opportunity to:

  • Pass on their expertise and experience
  • Shape and contribute to the future of the profession
  • Gain new perspectives and ideas

If you enjoy the role of helping, listening, and sharing information with others, then become a mentor today!
Please obtain supervisor approval to participate, as appropriate.
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Staff Mentees Role and Responsibilities

Be interested in seeking greater understanding of librarianship, have the desire to participate in this program, and be willing to devote necessary time into participating.

The Mentorship Program offers mentees an opportunity to:

  • Receive guidance and support in their career development
  • Observe the activities of the mentor within their job role
  • Investigate and develop career goals
  • Get direction and advice on participating in activities to further their career path, e.g. committees to become involved with, volunteering in an activity that furthers career development, etc.
  • Get advice and feedback on resume and cover letter development

If you like to learn and would like a chance to network, then become a mentee today!
Please obtain supervisor approval to participate, as appropriate.
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