2000-2001 Committee Rosters

Executive Committee
Barclay Ogden, Chair
Bette Anton, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Barbara Glendenning, Past Chair
Pat Davitt Maughan, Secretary
Becky Lhermitte, Treasurer
Sue Calpestri, Library Representative
Hideyuki Morimoto, Library Representative
Alice Youmans, Affiliated Representative
Nick Robinson, Library Representative Alternate
Margaret Phillips, Library Representative Alternate
John Gallwey, Affiliated Representative Alternate
Norma Kobzina, CAPA Chair (Ex-Officio)

Committee on Appointment Promotion and Advancement (CAPA)
Norma Kobzina, Chair (2002)
Joe Barker (2001)
Chris Tarr (2001)
Ron Heckart (2002)
Michaelyn Burnette (2002)
Phyllis Bischoff (2003)
Yu-lan Chou (2003)

Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs
Alice Youmans, Chair (2002)
John Gallwey, Vice Chair (2003)
Chuck James, Past Chair (2001)
Elizabeth Edinger (2001)
Bette Anton, ex officio, LAUC-B Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect(2001)

Committee on Cultural Diversity
Sue Koskinen, Chair (2001)
Lillian Castillo-Speed (2001)
Yu-lan Chou (2001)
Lynn Jones (2002)
Staff representatives:
Sheila Williams, The Library (2000)
Kelcy Shepherd, Affiliated Libraries (2000)
LHRD representative (not yet selected)

Committee on Research and Professional Development
David Farrell, Co-chair (2002)
Terry Huwe (Townsend fellow rep) (2001)
Mary Ann Mahoney(2002)
Jean McKenzie, Co-chair (2001)
Joe Barker (2001)
Ann Marie Mitchell (2002)
Mari Miller (ex officio, serving as statewide rep) (2001)

Distinguished Librarian Award Committee (1999)
Bill Roberts(Chair)
Barbara Glendenning
Kathleen Vanden Heuvel
Christina Maslach

Nominations and Elections Committee
Debby Sommer, Chair (2001)
Andrea Vanek (2001)
Ann Jensen (2001)
Beth Sibley (2002)
Debbie Jan (2002)


Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction
Jack von Euw (2001)

Committee on Cultural Diversity
Lilly Castillo Speed (2001)

Committee on Library Plans and Policies

Committee on Professional Governance
Ginny Irving (2002)

Committee on Scholarly Communication
Diane Fortner (2001)

Research and Professional Development Committee
Mari Miller (2001)