Academic Library 2.0: A conference at the University of California Berkeley

LAUC-B Academic Library 2.0
November 2, 2007
A conference at the University of California, Berkeley


Keynote Address

Meredith Farkas: Building Academic Library 2.0

meredith farkas

Meredith G. Farkas is the Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University in Northfield, VT. She is the author of the book Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online (Information Today, 2007) and writes the monthly column "Technology in Practice" for American Libraries. She is also the author of the blog Information Wants to Be Free and the creator of Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. Meredith is a passionate advocate for affordable online continuing education for librarians and developed the free online course, Five Weeks to a Social Library, to teach librarians about social software. In March 2006, she was named a "Mover and Shaker" by Library Journal for her innovative use of technology to benefit the profession.

Closing Address

James G. Neal: The Case for Mutability: Library 2.0 and Implications for Academic Library Staffing, Organization, and Leadership

james neal

Jim Neal is currently the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian at Columbia University, providing leadership for university academic computing and a system of twenty-five libraries. His responsibilities include the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL), the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, the Copyright Advisory Office, and the Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research. He participates on key academic, technology, budget and policy groups at the University. Previously, he served as the Dean of University Libraries at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins University, and held administrative positions in the libraries at Penn State, Notre Dame, and the City University of New York. At Columbia, he has focused on the development of the digital library, special collections, global resources, instructional technology, library facility construction and renovation, electronic scholarship, and fundraising programs.

Breakout Sessions Presenters (in alphabetical order)

michael buckland

Michael Buckland is Emeritus Professor, School of Information, and Co-Director of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, University of California, Berkeley. Prof. Buckland worked in libraries in the U.K. and USA, became Dean of Berkeley’s School of Library and Information Studies, then worked on library plans and policies at the UC Office of the President. Recent work has been on metadata and search support for place and time.

Kimberley Carl is a Programmer Analyst for the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative.

Harrison Dekker is currently the Coordinator of Data Services for the Doe/Moffitt Libraries at UC Berkeley. In addition to providing data services, he is actively involved in broader library technology initiatives. Prior to his arrival at Berkeley, Harrison worked as a programmer analyst for a Chapel Hill-based management consulting firm and for the North Carolina State Data Center. His library experience includes stints with the State Library of North Carolina, IBM, and the University of North Carolina.

tim dennis

Tim Dennis, a recent graduate of Berkeley's School of Information with over 10 years of experience in research libraries, specializes in user services technology support for the UC Berkeley Government Information unit. He has extensive experience in government information reference services, statistical/data services consultation, and documents processing. Recent activities include: creation of the library's first informational weblog, GovBlog, the IM reference service, GovChat, the unit's Government Information wiki, and is currently leading the unit in a user-centered redesign of the website.

terry huwe

Terence Huwe is Director of Library and Information Resources at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at UC Berkeley. He oversees print collections and all Web administration at IRLE. He has been a presenter at Internet Librarian USA, Internet Librarian International (London) and Computers in Libraries (Washington, DC). In July 2005, he was a keynoter at AusWeb ’05, a W3 consortium conference sponsored by Southern Cross University, in Australia. Since 2002, he has been a Columnist with Computers in Libraries magazine, covering Digital Library Issues. He has also been a contributor to ONLINE magazine.

danielle kane

A science librarian at UCSC, Danielle Kane selects in Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Adaptive Optics. She has just been named Instruction Coordinator for the Science & Engineering Library. While conducting research for a paper on video game collection development she ran across a brief mention of the virtual world Second Life. Danielle joined the world of Second Life on November 3, 2006 and after a bit of exploring, and running into walls, she is now a volunteer for the Caledon Branch Library. Danielle is interested in how libraries/educational institutions can utilize virtual worlds and how video games may influence information literacy.

karen munro

Karen Munro is the E-Learning Librarian at UC Berkeley. She Googles, Twitters, Facebooks, Picniks, deliciouses, YouTubes, Meebos, and blogs. But mainly she's interested in creating online library instruction that's simple, appealing, and genuinely helpful for library users. She's also been known to teach classes and answer questions at the reference desk from time to time.

Corinne Robinson Slouber has worked as a reference librarian most recently at Doe/Moffitt Libraries of UC Berkeley and at JFK University. She enjoys assisting library users and simultaneously quenches her natural curiosity of just about everything, though select topics remain favorites. This is Corinne’s first presentation at a LAUC conference. She is looking forward to sharing the potential that the wiki can offer in a library setting through an “immersion” experience— wikiwiki, fall into this stream of thoughts and see if you don’t leave with a fish. (Or, at least, a wiki).

jesse silva

Jesse Silva is the librarian for Federal Documents, Legal Studies, Political Science and Public Policy in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley. He has been surfing the web since 2400 baud modems were considered high-tech, built web pages in high school, and did most of his college research using library databases from home. He is interested in exploring how new technologies can be applied and used within the library setting, particularly when teaching how to find information from the United States Government.

bernadette daly swanson

Bernadette Daly Swanson is a librarian in the Instruction Services Department at UC Davis. She currently volunteers with the Alliance Library System in Second Life as a reference librarian and has developed the Machinima Institute (located on ALA Arts InfoIsland) as part of her volunteer work for the Second Life Library. At the Machinima Institute and in a space on Eduisland III, she provides instruction and assistance with animated 3D real-time video capture (machinima) and streaming video into the virtual world. Her other project participation includes work in Teen Second Life on the Eye4YouAlliance library island and the Suffern Middle Schoool presence on the Ramapo Islands. Bernadette was a speaker at IFLA 2007 (Second Life Machinima for Libraries: the intersection of instruction, outreach and marketing in a virtual world). Bernadette joined Second Life in October 2006. She will be an instructor for the machinima portion of the advanced version of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Virtual Librarianship program to be offered by UIUC and the Alliance Library System in Second Life in fall 2007.

Teri Vogel has been the chemistry librarian at UC San Diego since 2005, and was at Georgia State University before that. While at Georgia State, she was involved in the development of the library blogs (launched in 2003) and content management system. Her primary research interests are 1) chemical information instruction and 2) sustainable library applications of Web 2.0 technologies like RSS. She have given presentations on RSS at the Georgia Chapter of SLA, California Library Association, and the American Chemical Society, and teaches staff development workshops on Web 2.0, Firefox and Google tools. Teri is also the webmaster and blog owner for the SLA Chemistry Division, and occasionally can find time to post to her own blog, SD Librarian.

eric wilde

Erik Wilde works at UC Berkeley's School of Information, where he teaches courses about Web Architecture, XML Technologies, and specific Web-oriented application areas. His main interest is information integration, focusing on information structuring standards such as XML, and he is also interested in the associated issues, such as schema languages (descriptions of structures) and modeling issues (separating concepts from structures). His main goal is to make people more aware of the fact that the Web is an open and flexible information system, and not just a set of transparent pipes for sending Web pages around.

raymond yee

Raymond Yee is a visiting scholar at the School of Information, UC Berkeley. Until recently, Raymond Yee was a lecturer and data architect at the University of California, Berkeley. While earning a Ph.D. in biophysics, he taught computer science, philosophy, and personal development to K-11 students in the Academic Talent Development Program on the Berkeley campus. He is the primary architect of the Scholar's Box, software that enables users to gather digital content from multiple sources to create personal collections that can be shared with others. Raymond has also been a lecturer in the UC Berkeley School of Information, where he has taught the course "Mixing and Remixing Information." As a data architect, he focused on the architecture of data-oriented campus services, including those around scholarly processes.

Sponsored and organized by the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division

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