Student Library Users: Deliver what they need-- the way they want it

STUDENT LIBRARY USERS: Deliver what they need -- the way they want it
Friday, October 23, 2009 Clark Kerr Campus, University of California, Berkeley

Student library users are changing faster than the libraries that serve them. The multi-tasking, social networking generation wants instant information. The Internet offers a global information marketplace; school and university libraries need to re-tool or become neglected storefronts.

  • What services do our users really want and need?
  • What skills should we be learning today to be successful in the future?
  • Can libraries give users what they want and need and at the same time help them discern quality information?

Join a day-long conversation among library educators, academic, school, and young adult librarians, and the students they serve. Through keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and panel discussions, we will explore our changing users and highlight innovative library services that point the way to the future.

    Post-conference information
  • Presentations and audio of of the keynote speakers will be available on the Program page, and don't forget to to check out attendee's blog postings.
  • Overall conference attendee evaluation pie chart (PDF)
  • The Request for Proposals closed on March 31, 2009. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

2009 LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee
Terry Huwe, Co-Chair, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library
Pat Davitt Maughan, Co-Chair, Doe-Moffitt Instructional Services
Paul Atwood, Water Resources Center Archives
David Eifler, Environmental Design Library
Julie Lefevre, Institute of Governmental Studies Library
Jennifer Nelson, The Robbins Collection, Berkeley Law
Lisa Ngo, Engineering Library
Nick Robinson, Institute of Governmental Studies Library
Jane Rosario, The Bancroft Library
I-Wei Wang, Law Library

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