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Index to Microfilm 31073

Sanborn Maps of California Cities, 1884-1957

This is an index to Microfilm 31073, a collection of Sanborn fire insurance maps for 569 cities and towns in California, mapped between 1884-1957. The original maps are in the collections of the Library of Congress.

You may either SEARCH the index or BROWSE the alphabetical index of cities/towns, below.

WARNING: Certain town names are better searched by "browsing" the index. For example, "Berkeley" appears as part of our address and will retrieve multiple hits. Also, city/town names which are also county names (i.e. San Diego, Santa Clara, etc.) will retrieve multiple hits.

A NOTE ABOUT DATES: Hyphenated dates in this index represent the date of original edition and the date of hand updates (e.g. vol. 3, 1920-1950 represents a volume first issued in 1920 which has been hand updated through 1950). Numbers preceeding names of towns are the Library of Congress entry numbers, used when ordering photocopies from LC.

Alphabetical Index

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