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Digital Topographic Map Sets

The following list includes topographic map sets digitized from the Earth Sciences & Map Library's paper collection or purchased in digital format. "Digital Topographic Map Sets" are offline. The CD-ROM and DVD discs do not circulate, either inside or outside of the library. Many of the following map sets are proctected under copyright. These digital files serve exclusively as the library's archival copies.

As the Earth Sciences and Map Library catches up with our migration to new library software, users will not be able to link directly to catalog records for map sets from this page. Links in the 'Catalog Record' column will bring up the search page on OskiCat, the library's online catalog. Please search by call number to find the record for your map set of interest. We are working on setting the links and will make direct links available as soon as possible.

For additional Soviet maps, see the list of Soviet Military Topographic Map Sets held by the UC/Stanford map collections.

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Area Scale Publisher Dates # of Maps Call # Catalog Record
Sri Lanka 1:50,000 [Colombo] : The Department   89 G7750 s50 S7 View catalog record
Saudi Arabia 1:100,000 Soviet Union 1975-1986 441 G7530 s100 S6 View catalog record
Sierra Leone 1:50,000 [Tolworth, Eng.] : Directorate of Overseas Surveys   168 G8860 s50 G7 View catalog record
Solomon Islands 1:50,000 Tolworth : The Directorate   84 G9275 s50 G7 View catalog record
Somalia 1:200,000 Soviet Union 1978-1983 109 G8350 s200 S6 View catalog record
Spain 1:200,000 [Madrid] : Servicio Geografico del Ejercito   13 G6560 s200 S7 View catalog record
Spain 1:250,000 El Servicio   47 G6560 s250 S71 View catalog record
Sudan 1:200,000 Soviet Union 1977-1986 350 G8310 s200 S6 View catalog record
Suriname 1:200,000 [Surinam] : Centraal Bureau Luchtkartering 1958-1966 29 G5260 s200 S91 View catalog record
Suriname 1:10,000 Gravenhage : Topographische Inrichting 1926-1928 15 G5260 s10 N4 View catalog record
Svalbard (Norway) 1:100,000 Oslo   52 G9790 s100 O8 View catalog record
Sweden 1:250,000 Gavle [Sweden] : Statens lantmateriverk   22 G6950 s250 S7 View catalog record
Sweden   Stockholm: Rikets Allmanna Kartverk 19??- 686 G6950 svar S9 View catalog record
Switzerland 1:100,000 Switzerland 1954-2002 22 G6040 s100 S92 View catalog record
Switzerland 1:50,000 Bern : Eidgen_ossische Landestopographie   82 G6040 s50 S96 View catalog record
Syria 1:100,000 Soviet Union 1970-1991 85 G7460 s100 S6 View catalog record
Syria 1:200,000 [Damascus, Syria?] : Idarat al-Misahah al-Askariyah   51 G7460 s200 S9 View catalog record
Samoa 1:20,000 [s.l.] : Published by the Dept. of Lands and Survey, Govt. of Western Samoa, by arrangement with the Surveyor General, New Zealand, (Wellington, N.Z.) 1961-1974 28 G9565 s20 N48 View catalog record

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