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LC Map Classification Cutters
California Regions
A to Z
Revised 4/24/2002

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Cutters for G4362REGIONS
.A14 Abbott, Mount
.A15 Abbott Lake [Sutter County]
.A16 Acalanes, Rancho
.A2 Afton Canyon
.A22 Agua Caliente, Rancho [Alameda & Santa Clara Counties]
.A222 Agua Caliente, Rancho [Sonoma County]
.A23 Agua Hedionda, Rancho
.A24 Agua Puerca y las Trancas, Rancho
.A25 Aguajito, Rancho
.A28 Aguas Frias, Rancho
.A313 Alameda Creek Regional Trail
.A315 Alcatraz Island
.A318 Alexander Valley
.A32 Algodones Dunes
.A33 Alleghany Mining District
.A35 Almaden Valley
.A37 Almanor, Lake
.A39 Amador Valley
.A46 American River
.A462 American River, Middle Fork
.A463 American River, North Fork
.A464 American River, North Fork [wild & scenic river]
.A465 American River, South Fork
.A52 Anacapa Island
.A53 Anacapa Passage
.A56 Ancient Bristlecone Pine Area
.A562 Andrew Molera State Park
.A564 Angel Island
.A565 Angel Island State Park
.A57 Angeles National Forest
.A573 Annadel State Park
.A575 Ano Nuevo Bay
.A576 Año Nuevo State Reserve
.A577 Ansel Adams Wilderness
.A58 Antelope Valley
.A585 Anthony Chabot Regional Park
.A589 Anza-Borrego Desert
.A59 Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
.A592 Anza-Borrego Desert State Wilderness
.A62 Apanolio Creek
.A64 Apple Valley
.A66 Aptos, Rancho
.A67 Arena, Point
.A68 Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve
.A7 Arrowhead, Lake [San Bernardino County]
.A72 Arroyo Chico, Rancho
.A73 Arroyo de la Alameda, Rancho
.A74 Arroyo de la Laguna, Rancho
.A75 Arroyo de las Nueces y Bolbones, Rancho
.A757 Arroyo de San Antonio, Rancho
.A76 Arroyo del Rodeo, Rancho
.A77 Arroyo del Valle [Alameda County]
.A78 Arroyo Grande, Rancho
.A784 Arroyo Seco, Rancho [Amador County]
.A785 Arroyo Seco, Rancho [Monterey County]
.A79 Asuncion, Rancho
.A82 Atascadero, Rancho
.A86 Atolia Mining District
.A93 Ausaymas y San Felipe, Rancho
.A95 Austin Creek State Recreation Area
.A98 Azusa, Rancho
.B23 Balbaa Island
.B24 Ballona, Rancho
.B3 Barton Flats
.B36 Battle Creek [Shasta & Tehama counties]
.B4 Bear Creek [San Bernardino County]
.B415 Bear River [Nevada & Yuba counties]
.B42 Bear Valley [Marin County]
.B43 Bear Valley [San Bernardino County]
.B45 Belridge Oil Field
.B47 Berkeley Hills
.B48 Berryessa, Lake
.B49 Bethel Island
.B497 Big Basin Redwoods State Park
.B5 Big Bear Lake [San Bernardino County]
.B52 Big Injun Mine
.B57 Big Sur River
.B6 Black Canyon
.B613 Black Diamond Mines Regional Park
.B615 Blackcap Mountain
.B616 Blucher, Rancho
.B617 Blue Lakes
.B62 Blue Ridge Mine
.B623 Boca de la Playa, Rancho
.B626 Boca de Santa Monica, Rancho
.B63 Bodega, Rancho
.B633 Bodega Bay (Calif. : Bay)
.B635 Bodie Mining District
.B636 Boga, Rancho
.B64 Boggs Mountain State Forest
.B643 Bohemian Grove
.B65 Bolsa de Chamisal, Rancho
.B652 Bolsa de los Escarpines, Rancho
.B653 Bolsa de San Cayetano, Rancho
.B654 Bolsa de San Felipe, Rancho
.B656 Bolsa de Tomales, Rancho
.B657 Bolsa del Pajaro, Rancho
.B658 Bolsa del Potrero y Moro Cojo, Rancho
.B659 Bolsa Nueva y Moro Cojo, Rancho
.B67 Bon Tempe Lake
.B675 Borrego Valley
.B68 Bosquejo, Rancho
.B683 Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
.B69 Brannan Island
.B695 Brawley Fault
.B7 Briones Regional Park
.B714 Bristlecone Pine Forest
.B72 Brownes Meadow Reservoir
.B78 Bucks Lake Wilderness
.B82 Buena Vista, Rancho
.B84 Buri Buri, Rancho
.B85 Butano, Rancho
.B86 Butano State Park
.C14 Cabeza de Santa Rosa, Rancho
.C2 Cache Creek
.C22 Cachuma, Lake
.C23 Calaveras Big Trees State Park
.C24 Calaveras Bigtree National Forest
.C243 Calaveras Fault
.C244 Calaveras Reservoir [Alameda & Santa Clara counties]
.C245 Calaveras Valley
.C25 California Desert National Conservation Area
.C254 California Highway 1
.C256 California Highway 12
.C26 Calleguas, Rancho
.C27 Camanche Reservoir
.C28 Camp Ohlone Regional Wilderness
.C3 Camp Pendleton
.C3113 Campo de los Franceses, Rancho
.C3114 Cañada de Capay, Rancho
.C3115 Cañada de Guadalupe, La Visitacion y Rodeo Viejo, Rancho
.C3116 Cañada de Guadalupe y Rodeo Viejo, Rancho
.C3117 Cañada de Herrera, Rancho
.C3118 Cañada de Jonive, Rancho
.C312 Cañada de la Carpenteria, Rancho
.C313 Cañada de la Segunda, Rancho
.C3132 Cañada de los Alisos, Rancho
.C3138 Cañada de los Nogales, Rancho
.C314 Cañada de los Osos y Pecho y Islay, Rancho
.C316 Cañada de los Pinos, Rancho
.C318 Cañada de los Vaqueros, Rancho
.C3182 Cañada de Pala, Rancho
.C3186 Cañada de Pogolimi, Rancho
.C32 Cañada de Raymundo, Rancho
.C323 Cañada de Salsipuedes, Rancho
.C325 Cañada de San Felipe y Las Animas, Rancho
.C3252 Cañada de San Miguelito, Rancho
.C3253 Cañada de San Vicente y Mesa del Padre Barona, Rancho
.C3257 Cañada del Corral, Rancho
.C3258 Cañada del Corte de Madera, Rancho
.C326 Cañada del Hambre y Las Bolsas, Rancho
.C328 Cañada del Rincon, Rancho
.C329 Cañada Larga o Verde, Rancho
.C332 Candlestick Point State Recreation Area
.C333 Canon de Santa Ana, Rancho
.C335 Capay, Rancho
.C34 Caribou Wilderness
.C35 Carmel Valley
.C354 Carne Humana, Rancho
.C36 Carquinez Strait
.C364 Carrizo Plain
.C368 Casitas, Lake
.C3684 Casalamayomi.Rancho
.C3685 Casmalia, Rancho
.C369 Castac, Rancho
.C37 Castaic Lake
.C373 Castaic Lake Recreation Area
.C374 Castle Crags State Park
.C375 Castle Mountains [Calif. and Nev.]
.C376 Castle Rock State Park
.C378 Caswell Memorial State Park
.C38 Catalina Harbor [bay]
.C39 Caymus, Rancho
.C4 Central Valley
.C43 Channel Islands
.C4313 Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
.C432 Channel Islands National Park
.C44 Charles Lee Tilden Regional Park
.C443 Chimiles, Rancho
.C444 China Camp State Park
.C45 Chino Valley
.C46 Chocolate Mountains
.C47 Chualar, Rancho
.C48 Church Cave
.C484 Cicero
.C4845 Cienega de los Paicines, Rancho
.C485 Cienega del Gabilan, Rancho
.C487 Cienega o Paso de la Tijera, Rancho
.C49 Claire Engle Lake
.C495 Clark Mountain Range
.C5 Clear Lake
.C52 Clear Lake State Park
.C53 Cleveland National Forest
.C58 Coachella Valley
.C6 Coasts
.C613 Collayomi, Rancho
.C616 Collins Almanor Forest
.C62 Colorado Desert (Calif. and Mexico)
.C623 Columbia State Historic Park
.C625 Colus, Rancho
.C628 Conception, Point
.C63 Conejo Valley
.C64 Constantine Rock
.C65 Contra Loma Regional Park
.C67 Corral de Piedra, Rancho
.C672 Corral de Quati, Rancho
.C673 Corral de Tierra, Rancho [Monterey County]
.C674 Corral de Tierra (Palomeres, Calif.), Rancho
.C675 Corral de Tierra (Vasquez, Calif.), Rancho
.C676 Corral Hollow Creek
.C68 Corte Madera de Novato, Rancho
.C682 Corte Madera del Presidio, Rancho
.C687 Cosumnes, Rancho
.C69 Cosumnes and Michigan Bar Canal
.C7 Cotate, Rancho
.C715 Cow Creek [Shasta County]
.C72 Coyote Creek [Alameda & Santa Clara counties]
.C74 Coyote Hills Regional Park
.C745 Coyote Lake [Santa Clara County]
.C75 Coyote Reservoir [Lassen County]
.C76 Crescenta Valley
.C77 Crowley Lake
.C79 Cuca, Rancho
.C8 Cucamonga, Rancho
.C82 Cucamonga Fault
.C85 Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area
.C89 Cuyama, Rancho
.C9 Cuyama Valley
.C92 Cuyamaca, Rancho
.C93 Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
.C94 Cuyamaca Reservoir
.D23 De la Salinas, Rancho
.D27 Deadwood Mining District
.D39 Death Valley (Calif. and Nev.)
.D4 Death Valley National Monument
.D42 Deer Creek [Tehama County]
.D43 Del Campo de los Franceses, Rancho
.D434 Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
.D435 Del Paso, Rancho
.D436 Del Puerto, Rancho
.D438 Dell Valle Regional Park
.D44 Dell Valle State Recreation Area
.D45 Delta Region
.D47 Desolation Wilderness
.D48 Devils Postpile National Monument
.D5 Diablo, Mount
.D54 Diablo Range
.D57 Dick Smith Wilderness
.D59 Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
.D616 Dome Land Wilderness
.D62 Don Pedro Reservoir
.D65 Donner Memorial State Park
.D68 Downieville Mining District
.D69 Drake's Bay
.D698 Dry Canyon [Ventura County]
.D699 Dry Creek [Sonoma County]
.D7 Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park
.D75 Dry Lagoon State Park
.E13 Eagle Lake
.E2 Eagle Mountains
.E23 East Bay (LC # -- NOT used by UCB)
.E26 East Mojave National Scenic Area
.E45 Eel River
.E4513 Eel River [wild & scenic river]
.E452 Eel River, Middle Fork
.E453 Eel River, North Fork
.E454 Eel River, South Fork
.E457 El Alisal (Bernal), Rancho
.E458 El Alisal, Rancho
.E4583 El Cajon, Rancho
.E4584 El Camino Real
.E4585 El Chamisal, Rancho
.E4586 El Chorro, Rancho
.E4587 El Conejo, Rancho
.E4594 El Pescadero, Rancho [Monterey County]
.E4595 El Pescadero, Rancho [San Joaquin County]
.E4596 El Pescadero, Rancho [San Joaquin & Stanislaus counties]
.E46 El Piojo, Rancho
.E464 El Potrero de San Carlos, Rancho
.E467 El Primer Cañon or Rio de los Berrendos, Rancho
.E468 El Rincon, Rancho [San Bernardino & Riverside counties]
.E469 El Rincon, Rancho [Santa Barbara & Ventura counties]
.E47 El Sobrante, Rancho
.E478 El Sur, Rancho
.E48 El Tejon, Rancho
.E487 El Toro, Rancho
.E5 Eldorado National Forest
.E514 Elsinore, Lake
.E52 Emigrants Wilderness
.E53 Empire Mine State Historic Park
.E54 Encinal y Buena Esperanza, Rancho
.E55 English Ridge Reservoir
.E58 Enterprise Mine [Madera County]
.E6 Entre Napa, Rancho
.E62 Entre Napa or Rincon de los Carneros, Rancho
.E7 Esquon, Rancho
.E72 Estero Americano, Rancho
.E75 Estero Bay
.E8 Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
.E87 Eureka Valley [Inyo County]
.E9 Ex Mission de San Francisco, Rancho
.E93 Ex Mission San Buenaventura, Rancho
.E94 Ex Mission San Jose, Rancho
.E95 Ex Mission San Rafael, Rancho
.E96 Ex Mission Soledad, Rancho
.F22 Fall River
.F32 Farallon Islands
.F34 Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge
.F4 Feather River
.F42 Feather River, Middle Fork
.F43 Feather River, Middle Fork [wild & scenic river]
.F45 Feliz, Rancho
.F47 Fernandez, Rancho de
.F52 Filoli State Historical Landmark
.F55 First Dinkey Lake
.F6 Folsom Lake
.F612 Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
.F65 Forbes Creek
.F68 Four Acres Mine
.F7 Franks Tract Lake
.F75 Fremont Peak State Park
.F77 Fresno River
.F85 Funeral Mountains Wilderness
.G23 Garin Regional Park
.G27 Gaviota State Park
.G32 General Grant Grove Section [Kings Canyon National Park]
.G33 George J. Hatfield State Regional Park
.G4 German, Rancho
.G42 Geysers, The
.G5 Giant Forest
.G62 Goddard, Mount
.G63 Gold Discovery State Historical Park
.G64 Gold Run Mining District
.G65 Golden Gate National Recreation Area
.G68 Golden Trout Wilderness
.G69 Goleta Valley
.G72 Goose Lake [Calif. and Or.]
.G74 Grant Lake
.G75 Grass Valley Mining District
.G77 Greenhorn Creek [Nevada County]
.G82 Grizzly Bay
.G83 Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park
.G86 Grover Hot Springs State Park
.G9 Guadalasca, Rancho
.G92 Guadalupe, Rancho
.G93 Guadalupe y Llanitos de los Correos, Rancho
.G94 Gualala River
.G96 Guejito y Cañada de Palomia, Rancho
.G965 Guenoc, Rancho
.G97 Guesisosi, Rancho
.H34 Hauser Wilderness
.H37 Hayward Fault
.H43 Hemet, Lake
.H44 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
.H45 Henry W. Coe State Park
.H47 Henry Woods State Park
.H48 Henshaw, Lake
.H52 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
.H53 Hetch Hetchy Valley
.H54 Homer Mining District
.H62 Honcut, Rancho
.H63 Honey Lake Valley
.H64 Honker Bay
.H66 Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation
.H68 Hoover Wilderness
.H69 Hornbeck Formation [Calif. and Or.]
.H72 Huasna, Rancho
.H74 Huerhuero, Rancho
.H75 Huerta de Romualdo, Rancho
.H76 Hughes, Lake
.H78 Huichica, Rancho
.H8 Humboldt Bay
.H83 Humboldt Redwoods State Park
.I36 Imperial Fault [Calif. and Mexico]
.I38 Imperial Sand Dunes
.I4 Imperial Valley [Calif. and Mexico]
.I46 Indian Valley [Plumas County]
.I47 Indian Wells Valley
.I5 Inyo National Forest [Calif. and Nev.]
.I65 Iowa Hill Mining District
.I7 Irish American Mine
.I73 Iron Mountain [Madera County]
.I75 Isabella Lake
.I77 Island or Peninsula of San Diego, Rancho
.I82 Ivanpah Valley [Calif. and Nev.]
.J26 Jackson State Forest
.J3 Jamacho, Rancho
.J33 James Meadows, Rancho
.J35 Jamul, Rancho
.J43 Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
.J44 Jennie Lakes Wilderness
.J45 Jesus Maria, Rancho
.J46 Jewel Lake [Contra Costa County]
.J5 Jimeno, Rancho
.J63 John Muir Trail
.J64 John Muir Wildemess
.J65 Johnson Rancho
.J66 Johnson Valley
.J68 Joshua Tree National Monument
.J76 Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
.J8 June Lake
.J82 June Lake Loop
.J9 Juristac, Rancho
.J92 Jurupa, Rancho [Rubideaux]
.J93 Jurupa, Rancho [Stearns]
.K2 Kaweah River
.K27 Kearney Park [Fresno County]
.K33 Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area
.K4 Kern River
.K42 Kern River Oil Field
.K45 Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge
.K454 Kettleman Hills Oil Field
.K46 King Range National Conservation Area
.K47 Kings Canyon National Park
.K48 Kings River
.K495 Klamath Mountains [Calif. and Or.]
.K5 Klamath National Forest [Calif. and Or.]
.K52 Klamath River (Or. and Calif.)
.K53 Klamath River [wild & scenic river]
.K58 Knights Valley
.K66 Knob Mine
.L125 La Barranca Colorada, Rancho
.L13 La Boca de la Cañada de Pinole
.L134 La Bolsa Chica, Rancho
.L135 La Brea, Rancho
.L136 La Cañada , Rancho
.L14 La Carbonera, Rancho
.L1413 La Goleta, Rancho
.L1415 La Habra, Rancho
.L1417 La Jota, Rancho
.L142 La Laguna, Rancho [Riverside County]
.L143 La Laguna, Rancho [Santa Barbara County]
.L146 La Merced, Rancho
.L147 La Mission Vieja de la Purisima, Rancho
.L15 La Nacion, Rancho
.L155 La Natividad, Rancho
.L16 La Polka, Rancho
.L167 La Puente, Rancho
.L168 La Purisima Concepción, Rancho
.L17 La Purisima Mission State Historical Monument
.L18 La Sierra (Sepulveda), Rancho
.L182 La Sierra (Yorba), Rancho
.L19 La Zaca, Rancho
.L2 Ladd Mine [San Joaquin County]
.L23 Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area
.L24 Laguna, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.L25 Laguna Canyon
.L253 Laguna de las Calabasas, Rancho
.L254 Laguna de los Palos Colorados. Rancho
.L256 Laguna de San Antonio, Rancho
.L257 Laguna de Tache, Rancho
.L259 Laguna Seca, Rancho [Monterey County]
.L2592 Laguna Seca, Rancho [Santa Clara County)
.L262 Lake del Valle (see also: Del Valle Regional Park .D444)
.L263 Lake Elsinore State Recreation Area
.L265 Lake Mining District
.L266 Lake Oroville State Recreation Area
.L267 Lake Perris State Recreation Area
.L268 Lake Shasta Caverns
.L269 Lakes Basin [geologic basin]
.L27 Larkin Children's Rancho
.L2716 Las Animas, Rancho
.L272 Las Aromitas y Agua Caliente, Rancho
.L273 Las Baulines, Rancho [NOT Las Bolinas, Rancho]
.L274 Las Bolsas, Rancho
.L275 Las Cruces, Rancho
.L276 Las Flores, Rancho
.L277 Las Juntas, Rancho
.L28 Las Mariposas, Rancho
.L282 Las Posadas State Forest
.L283 Las Posas, Rancho
.L284 Las Positas, Rancho
.L285 Las Positas y La Calera, Rancho
.L286 Las Putas, Rancho
.L292 Las Salinas, Rancho
.L293 Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
.L295 Las Uvas, Rancho
.L296 Las Virgenes, Rancho
.L3 Lassen National Forest
.L32 Lassen Volcanic National Park
.L35 Last Chance Canyon
.L36 Latour State Forest
.L38 Lava Beds National Monument
.L45 Leo Carillo State Beach
.L48 Lewiston Lake
.L485 Lime Point [Marin County]
.L49 Livermore Valley
.L513 Llano de Buena Vista, Rancho
.L5134 Llano de Santa Rosa, Rancho
.L514 Llano del Tequisquita, Rancho
.L515 Llano Seco, Rancho
.L52 Locks Creek
.L5213 Locoallomi, Rancho
.L522 Loma Prieta
.L523 Lomas de la Purificacion, Rancho
.L5232 Lomas de Santiago, Rancho
.L5234 Lomerias Muertas, Rancho
.L5238 Lompoc, Rancho
.L524 Lompoc Canyon
.L527 Loomis Reservoir
.L528 Los Alamitos, Rancho
.L529 Los Alamos, Rancho
.L5292 Los Alamos y Agua Caliente, Rancho
.L532 Los Angeles Basin [geologic basin]
.L534 Los Angeles River
.L535 Los Burros Mining District
.L5353 Los Capitancillos, Rancho
.L5354 Los Carneros (Littlejohn), Rancho
.L5355 Los Carneros (McDougal), Rancho
.L536 Los Cerritos, Rancho
.L5365 Los Coches, Rancho [Monterey County]
.L5366 Los Coches, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.L537 Los Corralitos, Rancho
.L542 Los Dos Pueblos, Rancho
.L544 Los Encenitos, Rancho
.L546 Los Gatos or Santa Rita, Rancho
.L547 Los Guilicos, Rancho
.L5474 Los Huecos, Rancho
.L548 Los Laureles (Beronda), Rancho
.L549 Los Laureles (Ransom), Rancho
.L55 Los Medanos, Rancho
.L56 Los Meganos, Rancho
.L57 Los Molinos, Rancho
.L58 Los Nogales, Rancho
.L59 Los Ojitos, Rancho
.L6 Los Padres National Forest
.L67 Los Palos Verdes, Rancho
.L675 Los Putos, Rancho
.L73 Los Tolenas, Rancho
.L74 Los Tularcitos, Rancho [Monterey County]

Los Tularcitos, Rancho [Santa Clara County] (see Tularcitos, Rancho .T776)
.L76 Los Ulpinos, Rancho
.L78 Los Vallecitos de San Marcos, Rancho
.L785 Los Vergeles, Rancho
.L79 Lower American River [wild & scenic river]
.L8 Lower Blue Lake [Lake County]
.L9 Lucerne Valley
.L95 Lyons Reservoir
.M15 MacKerricher State Park
.M16 Mad River
.M18 Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
.M25 Malibu Creek State Park
.M26 Mallacomes or Moristal, Rancho
.M27 Mallacomes or Moristal y Plan de Agua Caliente
.M29 Mammoth-High Sierra Recreation Area
.M295 Mammoth Lakes
.M312 Mammoth Mountain
.M314 Manchester State Beach
.M317 Manresa State Beach
.M32 Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
.M324 Mare Island Strait
.M326 Marin Peninsula
.M33 Mariposa Grove
.M34 Markley Gorge
.M347 Masonic Mining District
.M35 McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park
.M36 McCloud River
.M37 McConnell State Recreation Area
.M378 Mendocino, Cape
.M38 Mendocino, Lake
.M4 Mendocino National Forest
.M44 Merced, Lake [San Francisco]
.M45 Merced River
.M458 Mesquite Lake
.M46 Mesquite Valley [Calif. and Nev.]
.M475 Millerton Lake
.M48 Millerton Lake State Recreation Area
.M49 Milpitas, Rancho [Monterey County]
.M492 Milpitas, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.M55 Minarets Wilderness
.M57 Mission Bay
.M575 Mission Peak Regional Preserve
.M578 Mission Valley
.M579 Mission Viejo or La Paz, Rancho
.M58 Mitchell Caverns State Park
.M6 Modoc National Forest
.M63 Mojave Desert
.M6315 Mojave National Preserve
.M632 Mojave River
.M635 Mokelumne Hill Canal
.M636 Mokelumne River
.M639 Monarch Wilderness
.M642 Monitor Mining District
.M643 Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area
.M644 Mono Craters
.M648 Mono Creek
.M65 Mono Lake
.M66 Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve
.M68 Monserate, Rancho
.M72 Montana de Oro State Park
.M73 Montara Mountain
.M74 Monte del Diablo, Rancho
.M77 Monterey Bay
.M775 Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
.M78 Monterey Peninsula
.M783 Montgomery Woods State Park
.M79 Moreno Valley
.M82 Morrison, Mount
.M824 Morro Bay
.M825 Morro Bay State Park
.M83 Mother Lode
.M84 Mount Diablo State Park
.M846 Mount San Jacinto State Wilderness Park
.M848 Mount Shasta Wilderness
.M85 Mount Tamalpais State Park
.M854 Montain Home State Forest
.M858 Mugu, Point [not P56]
.M86 Muir Woods National Monument
.M87 Muniz, Rancho
.M88 Muscupiabe, Rancho
.N2 Nacional, Rancho
.N26 Napa, Rancho
.N27 Napa River
.N3 Napa Valley (LC heading = Napa River and Valley)
.N33 Natoma, Lake
.N334 Natural Bridges State Beach Park
.N337 Navarro River
.N34 Nevada City Mining District
.N346 New Brighton State Beach
.N35 New Hagon Reservoir
.N36 New Helvetia, Rancho
.N37 New Melones Lake
.N38 New Phoenix Reservoir [proposed]
.N4 New River
.N44 Newport Bay
.N5 Nicasio, Rancho
.N52 Niguel, Rancho
.N525 Niles Canyon [Alameda County]
.N53 Nipomo, Rancho
.N57 Noche Buena, Rancho
.N59 Nojoqui, Rancho
.N63 North Bloomfield Canal
.N64 North Star Mine
.N66 Novato, Rancho
.N86 Nuestra Senora del Refugio, Rancho
.O37 Ojai, Rancho
.O4 Ojai Valley
.O46 Ojo de Agua de la Coche, Rancho
.O5 Olompali, Rancho
.O55 Omochumnes, Rancho
.O6 Opal Mountain
.O67 Orange Coast National Urban Park
.O68 Orestimba, Rancho
.O7 Oroville, Lake
.O73 Oroville Wildlife Area
.O93 Owens Lake
.O94 Owens River
.P125 Pacheco Pass
.P13 Pala, Rancho
.P14 Palen-McCoy Wilderness
.P15 Palo Verde Mountains
.P16 Palo Verde Valley
.P18 Palomar Mountain State Park
.P2 Palos Verdes Peninsula
.P213 Panamint Range
.P215 Panoche de San Juan y Los Carrisalitos, Rancho
.P22 Papoose Flat
.P24 Paraje de Sanchez, Rancho
.P26 Pardee Reservoir
.P263 Pardee Reservoir Recreation Area
.P32 Paso de Bartolo, Rancho
.P325 Paso de Robles, Rancho
.P328 Pastoria de las Borregas, Rancho
.P33 Patrick's Point State Park
.P334 Pauba, Rancho
.P3345 Pauma, Rancho
.P335 Pelican Bay [Del Norte County]
.P34 Perris, Lake
.P35 Perris Valley
.P36 Pescadero Creek [San Mateo County]
.P37 Pescadero Creek County Park
.P38 Petaluma, Rancho
.P383 Petaluma River
.P4 Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park
.P416 Phoenix Mine [Sierra County]
.P42 Picacho State Recreation Area
.P43 Pillsbury, Lake
.P44 Pinchot, Mount
.P446 Pine Creek
.P45 Pine Flat Lake
.P47 Pinnacles National Monument
.P475 Pinole, Rancho
.P48 Piru, Lake
.P485 Pismo, Rancho
.P486 Pismo State Beach
.P5 Pit River
.P513 Placerita Canyon State Park
.P516 Pleyto, Rancho
.P518 Plumas-Eureka State Park
.P52 Plumas National Forest
.P525 Pluto, Mount
.P54 Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Mugu (see Mugu, Point .M858)
.P563 Point Mugu State Park
.P57 Point Reyes-Farallon Islands National Marine Sanctuary
.P59 Point Reyes National Seashore
.P6 Pomona Valley
.P63 Portola State Park
.P65 Posa de los Ositos, Rancho
.P656 Posolmi, Rancho
.P66 Potrero de Felipe Lugo, Rancho
.P67 Potrero de los Cerritos, Rancho
.P675 Potrero de San Luis Obispo, Rancho
.P678 Potrero Grande, Rancho
.P68 Potrero y Rincon de San Pedro de Regalado, Rancho
.P72 Prado Dam
.P73 Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
.P75 Providence Mountains State Recreation Area
.P76 Providencia, Rancho
.P815 Pulgas, Rancho
.P82 Punta de la Concepcion, Rancho
.P825 Punta de la Laguna, Rancho
.P832 Punta de Los Reyes (Randall) Rancho
.P833 Punta de Los Reyes (Sobrante) Rancho
.P84 Punta de Pinos, Rancho
.P86 Punta de Quentin Rancho
.P87 Punta del Año Nuevo, Rancho
.P88 Putah Creek
.P9 Pyramid Lake [Los Angeles County]
.Q5 Quito, Rancho
.R23 Rancho de Farwell
.R27 Rand Mining District
.R33 Real de las Aguilas, Rancho
.R4 Red Rock Canyon State Recreation Area
.R45 Redwood National Park
.R46 Redwood Regional Park
.R47 Refugio, Rancho
.R48 Refugio Beach State Park

Reyes, Point (see Point Reyes)
.R52 Richardson Grove State Park
.R53 Ridgelands Regional Wilderness
.R55 Rim of the World Drive
.R56 Rincon, Rancho
.R562 Rincon de la Brea, Rancho
.R563 Rincon de la Puente del Monte, Rancho
.R5633 Rincon de las Esteros, Rancho
.R5635 Rincon de las Salinas, Rancho (LC cutter is .R5623)
.R5644 Rincon de los Bueyes, Rancho (LC cutter is .R5624)
.R5648 Rinconada de los Gatos, Rancho
.R565 Rincon de Musalacon, Rancho
.R566 Rincon de San Francisquito, Rancho
.R567 Rincon de Sanjon, Rancho (LC cutter is .R5627)
.R5675 Rinconada del Arroyo de San Francisquito, Rancho
.R57 Rio de los Americanos, Rancho
.R574 Rio de los Molinos, Rancho
.R576 Rio de los Putos, Rancho
.R578 Rio de Santa Clara, Rancho
.R58 Rio Jesus Maria, Rancho
.R63 Robert Louis Stevenson State Park
.R64 Roberts Island
.R65 Robinson Mine
.R66 Roblar de la Miseria, Rancho
.R67 Round Top Regional Park
.R68 Round Valley Indian Reservation
.R75 Russian Gulch State Park
.R8 Russian River
.S12 Sacramento River
.S13 Saddleback Butte State Park
.S135 Saddleback Valley
.S138 Salinas River [and River Valley]
.S139 Saline Valley [basin]
.S14 Salmon Mountains
.S142 Salmon River
.S144 Salsipuedes, Rancho
.S147 Salt Point State Park
.S148 Salt Slough
.S15 Salton Sea
.S152 Salton Sea State Recreation Area
.S153 Salton Sink
.S155 Samuel P. Taylor State Park
.S157 San Agustin, Rancho
.S158 San Andreas, Rancho
.S16 San Andreas Fault
.S173 San Andres, Rancho
.S18 San Antonio, Rancho [Alameda County]
.S1817 San Antonio, Rancho [Los Angeles County]
.S182 San Antonio, Rancho [Santa Clara County not San Mateo]
.S185 San Antonio de Padua (Mission)
.S186 San Antonio or Pescadero, Rancho
.S188 San Augustin, Rancho
.S192 San Benito, Rancho
.S193 San Bernabe, Rancho
.S194 San Bernardino, Rancho
.S195 San Bernardino Mountains
.S196 San Bernardino Mountains Area
.S197 San Bernardino National Forest
.S1973 San Bernardo, Rancho [Monterey County]
.S1975 San Bernardo, Rancho [San Diego County]
.S1977 San Bernardo, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S1978 San Bruno Mountain
.S1979 San Buenaventura, Rancho
.S198 San Carlos de Jonata, Rancho
.S2 San Clemente Island
.S212 San Clemente State Beach
.S214 San Diego Bay
.S2144 San Dieguito, Rancho
.S2146 San Dimas Experimental Forest
.S215 San Emidio, Rancho
.S216 San Fernando Valley
.S218 San Francisco, Rancho
.S22 San Francisco Bay
.S222 San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
.S2225 San Francisco de las Llagas, Rancho
.S2228 San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
.S223 San Francisco Peninsula
.S2232 San Francisquito, Rancho [Los Angeles County]
.S2233 San Francisquito, Rancho [Monterey County]
.S2234 San Francisquito, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.S2237 San Gabriel Mountains
.S224 San Gabriel River
.S2245 San Gabriel Wilderness
.S2247 San Geronimo, Rancho [Marin County]
.S2248 San Geronimo, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S225 San Gorgonio Wilderness
.S2256 San Gregorio Creek
.S2257 San Gregorio (Castro), Rancho
.S2258 San Gregorio (Rodriguez), Rancho
.S226 San Jacinto Mountains
.S2263 San Jacinto Nuevo y Potrero, Rancho
.S2266 San Jacinto Viejo (Rancho)
.S2267 San Joaquin, Rancho [Orange County]
.S2268 San Joaquin, Rancho [San Benito County]
.S227 San Joaquin River [& valley]
.S2273 San Jose, Rancho [Los Angeles County]
.S2274 San Jose, Rancho [Marin County]
.S22745 San Jose Addition, Rancho
.S2275 San Jose de Buenos Aires, Rancho
.S2276 San Jose del Valle, Rancho
.S22765 San Jose y Sur Chiquito, Rancho
.S22768 San Juan, Rancho
.S2277 San Juan Bautista, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.S22775 San Juan Cajon de Santa Ana, Rancho
.S22778 San Juan Ridge
.S2278 San Julian, Rancho
.S2279 San Justo, Rancho
.S228 San Leandro, Rancho
.S2285 San Lorenzo, Rancho (Castro)
.S22853 San Lorenzo, Rancho (Randall)
.S22855 San Lorenzo, Rancho (Sanchez)
.S22857 San Lorenzo, Rancho (Soberanes)
.S2286 San Lorenzo, Rancho (Soto)
.S229 San Lorenzo River
.S22915 San Lucas, Rancho
.S22918 San Luis National Wildlife Refuge
.S2292 San Luis Obispo Bay
.S2293 San Luis Reservoir
.S2294 San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area
.S22942 San Luis Rey River
.S22943 San Luisito, Rancho
.S22944 San Marcos, Rancho
.S229443 San Miguel, Rancho [Sonoma County]
.S229444 San Miguel, Rancho [Ventura County]
.S22945 San Miguel Island
.S22946 San Miguel Passage
.S22947 San Miguelito, Rancho [Monterey County]
.S22948 San Miguelito, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S2295 San Nicolas Island
.S2296 San Onofre State Beach
.S2298 San Pablo, Rancho
.S3 San Pablo Bay
.S3115 San Pascual, Rancho
.S312 San Pedro, Rancho [Los Angeles County]
.S3122 San Pedro, Rancho [San Mateo County]
.S313 San Pedro Bay
.S3134 San Pedro Channel
.S3135 San Pedro, Santa Margarita y Las Gallinas, Rancho
.S3137 San Rafael Wilderness
.S314 San Ramon, Rancho [Amador]
.S315 San Ramon, Rancho [Carpentier]
.S316 San Ramon, Rancho [Norris]
.S318 San Ramon Valley
.S319 San Vicente, Rancho [Monterey County]
.S3192 San Vicente, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.S3193 San Vicente, Rancho [Santa Cruz County]
.S3194 San Vicente y Santa Monica, Rancho
.S3198 San Ysidro, Rancho
.S322 Sand Hills [Yuba County]
.S323 Sanel, Rancho
.S3232 Sanjon de los Moquelumnes, Rancho
.S3236 Santa Ana, Rancho
.S3237 Santa Ana del Chino, Rancho
.S3238 Santa Ana del Chino Addition, Rancho
.S3239 Santa Ana y Quien Sabe, Rancho
.S324 Santa Anita, Rancho
.S325 Santa Barbara Channel
.S326 Santa Barbara Island
.S328 Santa Catalina, Gulf of
.S33 Santa Catalina Island
.S333 Santa Clara del Norte, Rancho
.S335 Santa Clara River [Los Angeles & Ventura counties]
.S336 Santa Clara Valley [San Benito & Santa Clara Counties]
.S337 Santa Clarita Valley
.S339 Santa Cruz Channel
.S34 Santa Cruz Island
.S343 Santa Cruz Mountains
.S344 Santa Gertrudes (Nieto), Rancho
.S3442 Santa Gertrudes (Colima), Rancho
.S3443 Santa Gertrudes (McFarland and Downey), Rancho
.S345 Santa Manuela, Rancho
.S346 Santa Margarita, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S348 Santa Margarita River
.S35 Santa Margarita y las Flores, Rancho
.S36 Santa Monica Bay
.S362 Santa Monica Mountains
.S363 Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
.S364 Santa Paula y Saticoy, Rancho
.S366 Santa Rita, Rancho [Alameda County]
.S367 Santa Rita, Rancho [Santa Barbara County]
.S368 Santa Rosa, Rancho [Riverside County]
.S3683 Santa Rosa, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S3685 Santa Rosa, Rancho [Santa Barbara County]
.S37 Santa Rosa Island
.S372 Santa Rosa Mountains
.S38 Santa Teresa, Rancho
.S389 Santa Ynez Mountains
.S39 Santa Ynez River
.S3913 Santa Ysabel, Rancho [San Diego County]
.S3914 Santa Ysabel, Rancho [San Luis Obispo County]
.S392 Santiago de Santa Ana, Rancho
.S3924 Saucelito, Rancho
.S3925 Saucito, Rancho
.S3927 Saucos, Rancho
.S393 Sausal, Rancho
.S3932 Sausal Redondo, Rancho
.S3935 Sautico, Rancho
.S394 Scott Mountains
.S396 Scott Valley
.S397 Scotty's Castle
.S415 Sequoia Lake
.S418 Sequoia National Forest
.S419 Sequoia National Game Refuge
.S42 Sequoia National Park
.S43 Sespe, Rancho
.S45 Seventeen Mile Drive
.S48 Shasta, Mount
.S5 Shasta Dam
.S52 Shasta Lake
.S53 Shasta National Forest
.S54 Shaver Lake
.S55 Shelter Cove
.S555 Shoquel, Rancho [replacing Soquel, Rancho .S693]
.S556 Shoquel Augmentation, Rancho [replacing .S695]
.S56 Sierra National Forest
.S57 Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.)
.S573 Silver Lake Reservoir
.S575 Silverwood Lake
.S578 Simi, Rancho
.S58 Simi Valley
.S6 Six Rivers National Forest
.S615 Skedaddle Mountain Wilderness [Calif. & Nev.]
.S62 Skidoo Wild Rose Mning District
.S63 Sleepy Hollow [valley]
.S65 Smith River
.S652 Smith River [wild & scenic river]
.S653 Smith River National Recreation Area
.S655 Solis, Rancho
.S66 Sonoma Coast State Beach
.S67 Sonoma Valley
.S68 Sonora Pass
.S7 Sotoyome, Rancho
.S712 Soulajule, Rancho
.S72 South Belridge Oil Field
.S725 South Sierra Wilderness
.S73 South Warner Wilderness
.S74 Spanish Peak
.S744 Spicer Meadow Reservoir
.S75 Squaw Valley
.S77 Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area
.S8 Stanislaus National Forest
.S812 Stanislaus River
.S83 Stinson State Beach
.S85 Stockton Channel
.S87 Strawberry Creek [Alameda County]
.S89 Suey, Rancho
.S9 Sugar Pine Point State Park
.S93 Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
.S94 Suisun, Rancho
.S95 Suisun Bay
.S952 Suisun Marsh
.S953 Suisun Valley
.S96 Sunol Regional Wilderness
.S97 Sunset State Beach
.S98 Sweetwater Mountains [Calif. and Nev.]
.S99 Sycamore Grove Park
.T15 Tahoe, Lake
.T16 Tahoe National Forest
.T17 Tahoe-Yosemite Trail
.T175 Tajauta, Rancho
.T18 Tamalpais, Mount
.T22 Tehachapi Mountains
.T24 Tejon Pass
.T25 Temecula, Rancho
.T26 Temescal, Lake
.T27 Temescal, Rancho [Los Angeles & Ventura counties]
.T28 Temescal, Rancho [Riverside County]
.T32 Tepusquet, Rancho
.T34 Tequepis Rancho
.T36 Thompson's Rancho
.T37 Thousand Lakes Wilderness
.T375 Three Queens Consolidated Quartz Mine
.T47 Tiburon Peninsula
.T49 Tinaquaic, Rancho
.T53 Tioga Lake
.T55 Tioga Pass
.T58 Todos Santos y San Antonio, Rancho
.T59 Tolenas, Rancho
.T6 Tomales Bay
.T614 Tomales Bay State Park
.T615 Tomales y Baulines, Rancho
.T62 Topanga Malibu Sequit, Rancho
.T63 Topanga State Park
.T65 Topaz Lake [Calif. and Nev.]
.T655 Torrey Pines State Reserve
.T658 Trabuco, Rancho
.T6584 Tract of Land in Monterey County (Cocks)
.T6587 Tract of Land near San Juan Bautista
.T66 Tres Ojos de Agua, Rancho
.T678 Trinity Alps
.T68 Trinity Alps Wilderness
.T69 Trinity Bonaza King Mine
.T7 Trinity National Forest
.T713 Trinity River
.T714 Trinity River [wild & scenic river]
.T77 Tujunga, Rancho
.T776 Tularcitos, Rancho [Santa Clara County]
.T778 Tule River Indian Reservation
.T78 Tulloch Lake
.T7814 Tulucay, Rancho
.T782 Tunitas Beach
.T783 Tuolumne Meadows
.T8 Tuolumne River
.T82 Tuolumne River [wild & scenic river]
.T87 Turlock Lake State Recreation Area
.T93 Tzabaco, Rancho
.U4 Ulistac, Rancho
.V17 Valle de Pamo or Santa Maria, Rancho
.V18 Valle de San Felipe, Rancho
.V2 Valle de San Jose, Rancho [Alameda County]
.V25 Valley of the Moon
.V32 Van Damme State Park
.V33 Vega del Rio del Pajaro, Rancho
.V34 Venice Island
.V36 Ventana Wilderness
.V4 Ventura River
.V55 Victor Valley
.W4 West Union Creek Tract
.W44 Whipple Mountains
.W5 Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area
.W52 White Mountains [Calif and Nev]
.W524 Whitney, Mount [Tulare County]
.W525 Whittier Narrows Dam
.W526 Wildcat Canyon Regional Park
.W53 Wildwood Lake
.W66 Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area
.Y34 Yajome, Rancho
.Y45 Yerba Buena, Rancho
.Y46 Yerba Buena Island
.Y54 Yokaya, Rancho
.Y56 Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness
.Y6 Yosemite National Park
.Y62 Yosemite Valley
.Y8 Yuba River
.Y85 Yucaipa Valley
.Y87 Yuha Desert
.Z23 Zanjones, Rancho
.Z27 Zayante, Rancho

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