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California 30- and 60-Minute, Historic USGS Topographic Maps

Other projects provide maps for:

Monterey Bay Region
San Francisco Bay area

Click on names to view quadrangles.

High-resolution, digital copies available in Library:
G3700 svar .U6 CA 30-minute compu/d  View catalog record
G3700 svar .U6 CA 60-minute compu/d  View catalog record

Paper copies available in Library:
G3700 svar .U6 CA Case D

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Shasta 60-minute Modoc Lava Bed 60-minute Alturas 60-minute Honey Lake 60-minute Lassen Peak 60-minute Red Bluff 60-minute Hawthorne 60-minute Lida 60-minute Ballarat 60-minute Furnace Creek 60-minute Las Vegas 60-minute Searles Lake 60-minute Avawatz Mountains 60-minute Ivanpah 60-minute Buena Vista Lake Caliente Mt. Pinos Tejon