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Stephen Denney Presents Paper at Texas Tech Conference

Stephen Denney, a Spanish and Vietnamese cataloger in Technical Services participated in a conference sponsored by the Vietnam Center of Texas Tech University in Lubbock from March 13-15. He presented a paper titled “Following Vietnam from Berkeley: a guide to library and internet resources on contemporary Vietnam,” discussing electronic resources and print materials on Vietnam, at U.C. Berkeley and elsewhere. The conference had a wide variety of speakers and panelists – journalists, scholars, war veterans, refugees, government officials and independent researchers, and proved to be a very worthwhile experience for networking and learning of the research of others. All the presentations were videotaped and are to be made available at the TTU Vietnam Center website within a few months.

Congratulations Stephen!

Sheila Wekselbaum
Library Technical Services

Librarian In (post)print

Two articles by John Kupersmith have been placed in the eScholarship Repository Postprints series:

John reports that the process for submitting material is quite simple. He would be happy to talk with any other library staff interested in doing this. John can be reached by email.

Myrtis Cochran, Interim Head
DM Humanities and Social Sciences

New staff member at the Giannini Foundation Library

The Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics Library is pleased to welcome Supriya Wronkiewicz, as the new Library Assistant for cataloging, reference and digital projects. Supriya comes to us from San Jose State University's School of Library & Information Science and has recently worked at the Stanford Health Library.

Susan Garbarino, Head
Giannini Foundation Library

Lori Foster Moves to Doe/Moffitt; Damaris Moore New Editor of CU News

On Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Lori Foster begins a new assignment as an Administrative Assistant, in Doe/Moffitt Libraries reporting to Elizabeth Dupuis, AUL for Educational Initiatives and Director, Doe/Moffitt Libraries. Lori has been a staff member in the Office of the University Librarian since October 2000, editing CU News and publishing library hours, among her other duties here. She will continue to publish hours in her new role, and we wish her well as she takes on new responsibilities as part of the Doe/Moffitt team.

Damaris Moore will take on the responsibility of editing and publishing CU News. Future articles and correspondence should be sent to her at dmoore@library or 131 Doe.

~Brenda Krell
Office of the University Librarian

Tracy Mills Has Moved to Higher Elevations

Assistant Director of Development Tracy Mills has accepted the position of Marketing Director for the American Himalayan Foundation in San Francisco and left the Library Development Office effective May 16. Tracy has served the University well for seven years--five of them in the Library. We all certainly will miss her - although this noble calling from Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan does help mitigate these sad times. Her rock climbing skills should definitely improve.

David J. Duer, Director
Development & External Relations

OPTO on Facebook

In April the Optometry Library staff, Heather Pena, Jenna Kreiss, and I, created a Facebook page for OPTO. We already have over 65 fans and welcome more! You can find catalog and bibliographic database links, our new book “shelf”, journal feeds, the science libraries news blog, and more -- even our lost and found.

If you click on the Facebook link from OPTO’s home page (or go directly to the link you will find the Optometry Library on Facebook.

Check it out!

Bette Anton, Head
Fong Optometry & Health Sciences Library

Environmental Design's New Web-Based Floor Plan

ENVI's Operations Manager Dori Hsiao has designed a new "clickable" floor plan for the ENVI web site that allows users to point to a place on the map and get information about the services offered as well as a picture of the location. The floor plan was designed with input from all ENVI staff to provide the College of Environmental Design's visual learners a more accessible path to navigate ENVI's space and services.

David Eifler, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Environmental Design Library

Library Prizes Awarded

It is my pleasure to announce the 2008 winners of the 2008 Library Prize for Undergraduate Research. The four winners were selected from a pool of approximately 45 submissions.

In the lower division category, the winners are freshmen Carine de la Girond’arc and Alina Xu, who wrote about the comics of R. Crumb, for a class taught by Professor James Casey and Bancroft Library librarians Peter Hanff and David Farrell.

Three seniors won in the upper division category. Art history student My Chau’s topic was about the textiles known as double ikats, and their international appeal. She wrote for an art history honors class, under the direction of Professor Joanna Williams and with Library support from Virginia Shih. History student Linda Nyberg submitted her senior thesis on the topic of the collective experience of time in the German Democratic Republic. Her faculty supporter was Chad Denton, and her Library support came from Jim Spohrer. Finally, Keith Orejel wrote about the politicization of Black funerals during the Civil Rights era. He was supported by Mark Brilliant and Charles Postel and in addition to his research here at Berkeley, he did extensive research at the Library of Congress.

A reception honoring the winners was held on May 14 in the Morrison Library.

Thanks go to the committee: Michaelyn Burnette, Jennifer Dorner, Corliss Lee, Mary Ann Mahoney, Mike Rancer, Virginia Shih, and Robert Schlick, of Educational Technology Services. More thanks go to Lori Foster and Holman Tse for their work on behalf of the committee.

Bette Anton, Chair
Library Prize for Undergraduate Research
Steering Committee

Masquerade 2008 (Library Student Appreciation Party)

Above, Brenda Krell

This year the Library held its annual Student Appreciation Party on Wednesday, April 16. The theme was Masquerade and almost 300 students attended. Supervisors were encouraged to create their masks and students were given masks and beads at the entrance to the party. Balloons, glitter and five large masks decorated the Doe Terrace. The menu was highlighted by a BBQ presided over by Miguel Labon and the group from Library Systems. Cakes, cookies and incredible fudgy brownies were just some of the tasty treats provided by the supervisors.

A big thank you goes to so many who made this event a success; library staff, former staff and families of current staff donated time, talent and energy.

The 2008 Volunteers: Adora Castaneda, Al Galang, Alex Warren, Allan Urbanic, Andrew Shapiro, Ashley Woods, Barbara Kornstein, Brenda Krell, Charlotte Rubens, Claudia Macias, Claudia Monroe, Dale Yang, Dave Duer, David Wong, Desi Gallardo, Don Robinson, Elise Woods, Eric Fernandez, Gary Bland, Giulia Sacco-Trujillo, Hai-Ngo, Holman Tse, Honza Horava, James Washington, Jason Delaney, Jenna Kreiss, Jewel Diles, Jim Spohrer, Joe Luang, Joe Towers, Juana Loza, Justin Clarke, Katrina Deliramich, Kris Leonardo, La Tanya Henry, Lark Ashford, Laurie Pangelina, Leona Scanlan, Linda Morgan, Lynn Tran, Mark Barone, Mary Scott, Matthew Prutsman, Mea Halperin, Meilin Huang, Meredith Fleming, Miguel Labon, Paul Lynch, Peter Fong, Petr Horava, Quaves McGhee, Robert Reyes, Satoko Pestana, Shannon Monroe, Sheila Williams, Steve Mendoza, Summer Scanlan, Susan Francisco, Susan Wong, Tom Leonard, Tomoko Haneda, Trina Lopez, Ty Johnson, Tyler Crooks, Vicki Jourdan, Willyce Kim

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

We also want to recognize this amazing and generous group of donors: Berkeley City Club, Blake’s on Telegraph, Canon, High Tech Burrito, Ink Stone, Mario’s La Fiesta, Moe’s Books, Oakland Museum of California, Party Sushi, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Rivoli Restaurant, Scandia Family Center, Six Flags Marine World, Spenger’s, The San Francisco Zoological Society, Walgreens, Waterworld USA, Wilderness Exchange, Café Clem, Amoeba Music, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Poulet, La Note Restaurant, Inc., Juan’s Place, Venezia, La Mediterranee, San Jose Sharks, The Hot Tubs, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Legion of Honor, Grand Lake Theater, Oaks Theater, Pacific Film Archive, University Press Books, Nation’s Food Service, Inc., Target, Pier 39, Ltd., Arizmendi Bakery

Workshop on Faculty Research Behavior: One view

In February, the University of California at Berkeley partnered with the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to host a workshop on faculty research behavior. The two-day session was developed and presented by Nancy Foster, lead anthropologist at the University of Rochester Libraries. Kathleen Gallagher, Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services, and Jon Hays, Educational Technology Services participated from UC Berkeley. Later, Suzanne Calpestri, Director of the George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library and instigator for the Berkeley workshop spoke to CLIR Issues about the value of the workshop. As the host of the workshop, how did Berkeley benefit from the experience? We saw it as an opportunity to learn about the work practices of our own faculty through the support of a structured program and a trained "volunteer" workforce. [During one segment of the workshop, participants interview faculty on campus.] Because we hosted the event, two of our staff received free training. We hope to apply the methods they learned to many situations, not just to the study of faculty behavior. The workshop also provided an opportunity for some ambassadorship. We had a chance to showcase various parts of our library and campus to participants from other academic institutions. At the same time, those participants provided us with a valuable perspective on what we do here. For example, during the library tour, one participant commented on how antiquated our 600 public workstations are. That really speaks to the limitations of our functionality. How will you use the knowledge gained from the workshop? We are in the midst of redesigning our library—not just the physical space but the full range of library services and programs. We are committed to involving all stakeholders in this process and redesigning operations around user needs. Our goal is to create a library that fosters a vibrant community of scholarship in part by supporting the range of work, study, and learning practices on our campus not only today but well into the future. The CLIR workshop provided the necessary tools for understanding those practices. As one of our participants said, "I can see reaching back into the toolkit that Nancy provided through all the project's planning stages."


Shower for Liz Gardner

Boy oh Boy!
It’s going to be a boy!
Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of
Liz Gardner
Wednesday, June 18th
3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
The Bancroft Library
2121 Allston Way, Berkeley
Cake & drinks will be provided…please bring your favorite appetizer to share!
RSVP or call 3-8389
Registered at Babies “R” Us

Diana Vergil-Bolling


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