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Biographical Information

Biographical Articles about Sherwood L. Washburn

"Evolution of a Teacher," by Sherwood L. Washburn.
Annual Review of Anthropology. 1983, 12:1-24.

"An Interview with Sherwood Washburn," by Irven DeVore.
Current Anthropology. 1992, 33(4):411-423.

"Remodeling the Human Way of Life," by Donna J. Haraway.
In: Bones, Bodies, Behavior: Essays in Biological Anthropology, edited by George W. Stocking. History of Anthropology Series, Vol. 5.
Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press. 1988, pp.206-259.


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"In Memoriam: Sherwood Washburn, 1911-2000" [PDF file size, 72 KB], by Adrienne L. Zihlman.
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"Sherwood Larned Washburn, 1911-2000," by Jonathan Marks.
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"Sherwood Washburn - Famed Anthropologist."
San Francisco Chronicle (April 20, 2000).

"Sherwood Washburn, father of modern primatology." [scanned image]
Berkeleyan (April 26, 2000).

University of California In Memorium

Dedication of the Sherwood L. Washburn Laboratory at U.C. Berkeley

"Gettys' $15M Gift to Biology Honors Washburn."

"Gettys Give $15 Million to UC Berkeley."
San Francisco Chronicle (Thursday, December 7, 1989).

"Gettys give $15 million gift to UC."
Oakland Tribune (Friday, December 8, 1989).

"A gifted anthropologist."
California Monthly. February 1990, p. 6.


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