John H. Rowe
(Photo by Loren McIntyre)

Eighth Emeritus Lecture Honoring
John Howland Rowe

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Feburary 21, 1948. With the Jeep station wagon in Viani, some 100 miles from Bogota. Left to right: Garbriel Ospina (a Columbian graduate student who worked extensively with George Foster in Tzintzuntzan from 1945-146), Mickie Foster, and John Rowe. (Photo by George Foster)
March 1, 1948. John Rowe with Guambiano indians, some of whom were his informants, in Guambia, near Silvia, which in turn was a two hour Jeep drive from Popayan, in southern Colombia. (Photo by George Foster)
Photo by Loren McIntyre

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