Anthropology Emeritus Lecture Series at the University of California, Berkeley

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Past Honorees

Alfred L. Kroeber and all Emeriti faculty

David G. Mandelbaum

William R. Bascom

Sherwood L. Washburn

George M. Foster

J. Desmond Clark

Elizabeth F. Colson

John Howland Rowe

John J. Gumperz

William A. Shack

George A. DeVos

Burton Benedict

Eugene Hammel

Gerald Berreman

Herbert Phillips

Phyllis Dolhinow

About the Lecture Series

Established in 1991, the Anthropology Emeritus Lecture Series honors a designated Emeritus faculty member from the U.C. Berkeley Department of Anthropology with a lecture by a distinguished anthropologist working in an area related to the honorees' field of expertise.

Beginning in 1995, the lecture series has been enhanced by exhibits at the George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library and on the Internet illustrating the career of the honoree including biographical, bibliographical and other information.

As a collection, the Anthropology Emeritus web sites provide a perspective on anthropology at the University of California and more generally, a recent history of anthropology as a discipline.


Alfred L. Kroeber (1876-1960)
Alfred L. Kroeber (1876-1960)

16th Emeritus Lecture honoring

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