Website Statistics

All Doe/Moffitt web pages, including subject guides in Library A La Carte, are individually tracked by Google Analytics. Anyone interested in accessing the Doe/Moffitt Analytics account in order to learn about how their pages are being used can contact Cody Hennesy for the login and password.

Library A La Carte Statistics Reports:

  • LaLC Subject Guides, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012 (Google doc) - A list of the combined page views for each subject guide. Note that many guides were not active until late 2011, and that this list is not intended to rank the guides. Hopefully comparing the number of views to various other guides will provide some context for these otherwise obscure figures.
  • Comparison of doemoff guides and LaLC guides (Google doc) - Not quite an apples to apples comparison, but this list compares figures for each static HTML subject guide in Feb 2011 with the figures from its equivalent LaLC guide in Feb 2012. Overall there was an average increase of 34.4 views per guide following the migration to LaLC, though many guides saw a large decrease in traffic and others even larger increases.
  • LaLC Traffic Sources, July 2010 to Apr 2012 (Google doc) - Note that the apparent spike in use in April 2011 actually stems from the A La Carte tracking code getting misapplied to the library hours page. Otherwise it's worth observing that very little traffic is getting to LaLC pages via the library website. Over 75% of the traffic is coming from Google and direct links (direct links are bookmarked, copied and pasted, or otherwise entered manually into the URL bar). See also: Direct, referral, and organic definitions

Monthly Statistics Reports:

The below reports (PDF) summarize the web activity that occurred on the Doe/Moffitt website as a whole during a given month.