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Charge to the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Training

A well developed, supported, and publicized training program for staff and student employees produces many benefits: improved services to our users; confidence in our individual performance; respect for each other's skills, abilities, and responsibilities; job enrichment; opportunities for the cultivation of new ideas; developing new relationships with colleagues; and, in general, increased effectiveness and quality of library service.

Training occurs throughout the Doe/Moffitt units on a daily basis, with a wide range of formal and informal training opportunities. At the inaugural meeting of Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads in February, 2000, the two issues identified as the most pressing concerns within Doe/Moffitt were "Training" and "Helping People Connect." In many ways, these two issues overlap. Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads formed a subgroup to address training needs, and the draft report developed by them (attached) was the catalyst for two new D/M training initiatives: The "Making Effective Referrals" series, and the selector training sessions. During the planning for Doe/Moffitt reorganization and in anticipation of the merger of the RIS and GSSI service desks, intensive training for staff in those two units was developed and made available to other D/M staff.

The Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Training is charged with:

Recognizing that training is a library wide issue that has been identified through the organizational renewal process as a top priority, the planning and infrastructure developed for Doe/Moffitt staff should be capable of eventually evolving into a library wide program directed by Library Human Resources Department. Likewise, training events should as often as possible and appropriate be made available to all staff (as in Making Effective Referrals.)

The Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Training makes recommendations to Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads and to the AUL and Director of Doe/Moffitt. They should regularly consult with DMUH as their work evolves. Specifically, the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Training should:

Final Report Due Date: April 2, 2001 (however recommendations can be sent to DMUH for review and possible implementation as they are completed.)

Membership: Four members will be selected through self nomination from Doe/Moffitt staff, with up to two people from other units, and Lori Foster from the Librarian's Office.

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