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Charge to the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Space Planning

The D/M Working Group on Space Planning (SPWG) will be convened by the AUL and Director of Doe/Moffitt and charged the layout of the Subject Catalog Hall, North Reading Room, and GSSI to accommodate collections, terminals, and staff for the new Doe Reference Center. The SPWG will work with the Library Space Planning Office and the Library Systems Office, and will provide ongoing reports and seek consultation from the Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads.

Funding has been allocated and the project is scheduled with the Space Planning Office for May through December 2001, with an expected completion date of January 2002.

The SPWG will take into account the physical relationships of the North Reading Room, GSSI and the Subject Catalog Hall, as well as the traffic patterns that will develop, and the need to maintain quiet study spaces in both GSSI and the North Reading Room. The plan should reflect the service image and instructional objectives of RRC. The desk must consider disabled access, traffic patterns for access and referral within the 2nd floor and elsewhere, and telephone reference service.

Specifically, the group will recommend:


March 5-15 appoint committee, hold first meeting (Patty Iannuzzi will convene)

March 15-May 1 meet and make recommendations.

May 1: make recommendations to Library Space Planning

June 1 - Library Space Planning "delivers" a Floor Plan and Furniture List.

The SPWG will consult with the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on E-texts, and the Collections Working Group.

Background materials to consult:

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