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Charge to the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Reference Collections

The D/M Working Group on Reference Collections is charged with advising the Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads and the AUL and Director of Doe/Moffitt on the scope and content of a reference collection that will support the disciplines served by Doe and Moffitt libraries, and to support the reference programs of the newly formed Research, Reference & Collections department. Housed in two locations, Doe 2nd floor and Moffitt 3rd floor, the RRC collections will be formed from the existing Government and Social Science Information Service reference and/or ready reference collection, the Humanities and Area Studies reference collection, and the Information Center reference collection, including their respective print, electronic and microform resources. The group is expected to create subgroups to focus on parts of the charge. It will provide regular updates to DMUH as their work progresses from planning through implementation.

The group will fulfill the recommendation of the Task Force on Information and Reference Services within Doe and Moffitt, i.e., "Recommendation 1D: Support the Doe/Moffitt Reference Service with multi-format reference collections: the Doe Library Research Center will have a robust introductory-level to research-level reference collection, representing all of the subjects collected for the Gardner Stacks. The Moffitt Library Reference & Information Gateway will have a small, duplicative, collection of print and other reference materials to supplement the digital reference sources already in use. …." Based on the forthcoming Doe and Moffitt reference service program statements and informed by the input from the Doe/Moffitt staff workshops, the Working Group will:

The Collection Group is expected to function throughout the space planning and implementation process for the new reference locations in Doe and Moffitt, untilthe task is completed and collections are in place.

The Working Group on Collections will consult with the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on E-Texts, and work closely with the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on Space Planning.

Background materials to consult:

Report of the Task Force on Information and Reference Services within Doe and Moffitt http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Staff/DoeMoff/reinfo.pdf

Task Force on Library Services to Undergraduates

Any existing policy statements for reference collections located in Doe Library

Compiled comments from the Doe/Moffitt staff workshops

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