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FSM Café Educational Programs Task Force -Charge, 3/21/00

The Free Speech Movement Café provides an informal environment that encourages Berkeley students to engage in a free and open exchange of ideas. The original intention of the FSM Café, as indicated in the gift letter of 12/23/97, is to also provide educational opportunities for Berkeley students through exhibits and "regularly scheduled educational programs based on materials from the Free Speech Movement Archives."

The FSM Cafe Educational Programs Task Force is charged to develop a series of recommendations to support this objective. The Task Force will plan for how the FSM Café, through a series of scheduled educational programs, can actively promote and focus discussion on key political and cultural issues. The Task Force should make recommendations about the program proposal process: develop guidelines for scheduling and suggest a schedule for the first year; draft a publicity plan; and submit a budget. As the Task Force drafts its recommendations, it should consider the implications of offering a program series in a space occupied by a library and a food vendor.

1.Develop a program proposal process.

2. Draft guidelines for scheduling programs and recommend a schedule through 2001/2002 academic year.

3. Develop a plan to publicize the programs.

4.Offer recommendations for managing programs events in a space occupied by a library and a vendor for a heavily used service.

5. Submit a budget for two years of scheduled programs.

The University Librarian will issue a call for nominations (including self-nominations from interested staff) and Cabinet will appoint the members of the Task Force. Membership for this Task Force will include representatives from the following:

As the Task Force performs its work, it is expected to consult with library staff, Library Development Office, Library Facilities and Security, student groups, faculty, the FSM Café vendor, and the FSM Advisory Committee. The Task Force should review documentation related to the FSM Café gift agreement as well as the vendor contract. The Task Force is also encouraged to review other library and campus policies concerning scheduled educational events.

The Task Force's final report should be completed and submitted to Cabinet for discussion and approval, via the AUL and Director, Doe/Moffitt, by August 1, 2000. The AUL and Director, Doe/Moffitt will have lead responsibility for overseeing the discussion, approval process, and implementation of the Task Force's recommendations.

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