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Charge to the Doe/Moffitt Working Group on E-texts

The D/M Working Group on E-texts is charged with examining the use and presentation of the Doe/Moffitt collection of electronic full text media (all formats) and with making recommendations to Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads and to the AUL and Director of Doe/Moffitt concerning their integration in the research and reference structure of Doe/Moffitt.

Currently, e-texts are housed in the Media Resources Center, the Circulation Department, GSSI, the Subject Catalog Hall on the 2nd floor of the Doe Library, and NRLF. The dispersion of this collection over these various locations impedes the use of these important documents by faculty and students and by the library's staff who provide reference and information services.

The working group should determine how best to make the collection more visible and usable taking into account previous studies and proposals undertaken by the staff of the library (e.g. E-text Center proposal, 1998, D/M Task Force on Research and Information Services, web pages of other e-text services, etc.)

The Working Group should:

The work of the E-Text Working Group is closely connected to the work of Doe/Moffitt Unit Heads who will be working simultaneously with Doe/Moffitt staff to draft descriptions of research and reference services. The final report of the e-text working group will be incorporated into restructuring of reference and information services in the Doe/Moffitt complex as several existing units evolve into the new department: Research, Reference, and Collections.

Report due date: February 16, 2001

Membership: Gary Handman, Myrtis Cochran, Jeanne Fong, and Tim Dennis.

Liaisons - to be consulted as needed: Esther Fulsaas (Technical Services), Peter Soriano (Circulation), and Paul Payne (Systems Office).

URL's of e-text sites at other institutions:

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