Discussion Groups

Discussion lists are all "@lists.berkeley.edu". List owners are noted in parentheses. A complete list of discussion lists and list managers is on the Library Staff site.

dmstaffAll DM staff (Dupuis)
doestaffAll staff with offices in Doe Library (Woods)
moffstaffAll staff with offices in Moffitt Library (Woods)
d212-218DM staff with offices in 212 & 218 Doe (Waugh)
dm_ownersDM web page owners (Dilworth)
dm_updatersDM web page updaters (Dilworth)
dmcsDM Circulation Services department (Marrow)
dmhssDM Humanities and Social Sciences department (Cochran)
dmiasDM International and Area Studies department (Spohrer)
dmrefdskDM staff who provide reference services(Dorner)
dmselectDM Staff who work with collections (Spohrer)
dmstusupeDM work leaders and supervisors of student employees (Binder)
dmtop_updatersDM top level web page updaters (Dilworth)
govinfoDM Government Information staff (Silva)
isDM Instruction and User Services department (Dorner)
libdmagDM department heads (Dupuis)
libprivLibrary Privileges staff (Grant)
sseastaffDM South/Southeast Asia Library staff (Tait)
teachlibDM Teaching Library staff (Dorner)