DM Select-April 212008

DMSelect Meeting of April 21, 2008

Present: S. Bockie, M. Burnette, J. Carter, J. Church, G. Handman, S. Hinojosa, S. Khanaka (recorder), A. Malik, M. Miller, J. Ronningen, J. Schultz, V. Shih, J. Silva, J. Spohrer (interim chair).

Guests: P. Bertrang, C. Takaro


  • J Silva, Reminded the Selectors of the up-coming LexisNexis Congressional training on Thursday 4/24 in room 250C Moffitt Library.
  • FireFox has finally been installed on Public PCs.
  • G. Handman announced a new database for streamed video that was created in-house to track our holdings of this relatively new medium.
  • M. Burnette announced that Library Research Prize winners reception has been scheduled for Wednesday May 14, 2008 at the Morrison Library, 4-6.
  • South East Asian materials processing has been funded by the Center for South East Asia Studies out of Title VI Funding and some modest GA support upon request only.

TS Review: During the discussion of the Technical Services Review Report, selectors were encouraged to help assess the outcome of the report and the subsequent implementation of some of its recommendations:

  • The Acquisitions Librarians position, a new position that emerged as major recommendation from that report, has been re-posted at a higher pay rate to attract a better pool of applicants. DM Select will be drafting a letter addressing our concerns regarding this position to the search committee.
  • A new position is being posted for an LA IV to help process materials in Middle Eastern Languages, which should help decrease the backlog and keep up with the increasing materials inflow in this area.
  • Government documents workflow has not improved as result of the reorganization. The selectors in this area often help sort, organize, and process materials. Support for GovDocs seems to be diminishing.
  • To process the vast amounts of South Asian materials, two T.S. staff members will be partially reassigned to help in this area these materials.
  • There are still approximately 6000 items in non-Roman languages waiting to be cataloged in Level-D of the Stacks.

Discussion of the New ILS: Charis started the meeting by emphasizing that our options maybe limited since Innovative Interfaces has already been chosen as our new ILS.

Issues raised by selectors concentrated in the areas of collection evaluation, searchability, display issues, enhanced search capabilities, increased interactive features (reserving, requesting, etc.), enhanced format lists, to name a few. C. Takaro will be sending an exact list of needs and wants and their justification as presented the selectors who were present at the meeting for selectors to review in the next few days.