DM Select-April 162007

April 16, 2007

DMSelect Meeting 10-11am, Rm 303, Doe


1) Announcements

2) Discussion of web subject page issues. (e.g. creating a procedure to add New Acquisitions lists regularly)

Action Items

Action: Phoebe is training Nicole to sort the Replacement cards, and the first sort is now completed. It is the first one issued since December.

Action: Phoebe is also recording the number of NRLF replacements that are showing up in the cards. She will report these figures to Chuck so individual selectors do not have to track this development. The persistence policy requires replacing all missing NRLF titles and this will have implication for future replacement funds.

The Collection Council minutes from March 20 mentions this issue. Persistence implementation: missing and preservation replacement implications. The report of the RLF Persistence Task Force Phase 2 on Implementation, <> includes Section 3.8 setting forth assumptions about what will happen in the event an item is loaned from a RLF, then lost or damaged. Selectors need to be aware of this policy. NRLF would welcome further discussion about how instances might be tracked and the policy/procedures evaluated. More on this later.

Action: Myrtis will send Main Stack cards to selectors to review and indicate whether or not titles should be sent to NRLF. Nicole will sort the cards by LC class and language, and distribute to selectors. Cards that are sent to selectors incorrectly should be passed on to the appropriate selector.

Action: Tim Dennis will set up Stellent for selectors updating their own pages. He has created instructions for how to set up Stellent. These can be found on the Stellent Wiki at

Action: Tim Dennis will replace and add new content, and check broken links for selectors whose pages he updates. Selectors should give him clear instructions and requests should be batched when possible.

Action: Allan will approve GA funds for selectors who would like to hire students to assist with web formatting and uploading acquisitions list or other special projects.

Action: Tim Dennis will talk to Lynne-Grisby-Standfill about the application being used to upload reserves from Gladis to bSpace to determine whether or not it can be used to upload new acquisitions lists for D/M selectors. If not, Mari will take this issue to WAG, including whether or not the programming will allow for monthly and quarterly uploads of acquisitions lists.

Action: Selectors will contact Charis Takaro (ctakaro), Library Systems Office, for help with new acquisition list profiles.

Action: Allan and Myrtis will put out a call for volunteers to examine some of the issues raised regarding D/M selector web pages. Task forces will be established with timelines to report back to dmselect. Some ideas mentioned were: creating personal pages (with or without a template) and adding the URL to business cards, linking to individual items from the ERF, re-visiting the subject web pages template, etc.

Action: Mari will draft a statement of the web-related issues that WAG would address and share it with dmselect.

M. Cochran