DMAG-September 92009

DMAG Action Items, September 9, 2009

1) Non-circulating/Library Use Only' items in Gardner Stacks and Documenting Collection Development Procedures

Action: Marrow will bring up the issue of marking items for 'Library Use Only' with the New Processes group to puzzle over the workflow: how selector's decision will be transmitted at the point of order; which unit will stamp items at the point of marking post-cataloging; how a selector's decision will be implemented after the item has been received in the Location (even long after) -- which unit will update the circulation code and stamp items.

Action: Dupuis will 'park' the issue of whether/when to initiate a collective selector review of Gardner Stacks non-circulating titles for current decisions regarding circulation status. There are a LOT of non-circulating titles in Gardner; many give no indication of the status on the item; students only learn the status at the point of trying to checkout.

Action: Urbanic will ask C. Potts to take the issue of the need for documented collection development procedures to the Collections Council.

2) Supplies and Expenses (S&E)

Action: Dupuis will allocate funds to org codes based on DMAG's recommendations.

3) DREF Reconfiguration

Action: Cochran will post the report to the DM Staff site -- Documents section. She will introduce Dong, Gillespie and Mendoza to the plan.

4) Annual Reports

Action: Departments Heads will submit annual reports to Dupuis for 2008/09 by September 28 (cc: dmag). Brevity is advised.

Next Meeting is September 16; no meeting on September 23.

~ I. Abalos