DMAG-September 122007

DMAG September 12 Action Items

1) Public Service Statistics Task Force report

Action: Charlotte Rubens will pull out recommendation number 2 - the sampling section from the main report for DMAG to comment on. Charlotte will make it available to DMAG by Monday, September 17. DMAG will discuss at the September 20 meeting.

2) Status review of DM themes and top priorities

Action: Beth Dupuis will update themes and post on the wiki. A more complete review and refreshing of the suggestions and progress to date will be undertaken at the start of 2008.

3) Ongoing discussion of plans for Research & Collections

Action: DMAG members to each bring at least a couple options for organizational structuring of Doe/Moffitt (focus on Research and Collections due to interim department head positions) and a plan for talking with DM staff about the options. Initial ideas to be discussed at the September 20 meeting.

MA Marrow