DMAG-October 82008

DMAG Action Items - October 8, 2008

1. Annual Reports - DMAG reviewed the goals and challenges of their annual reports.

Action: Beth Dupuis will draft a document which we will use for the November 6 All Doe/Moffitt staff meeting.

2. The Integrated Library System (ILS) - Beth and Mark Marrow are placing this as an ongoing topic on the DMAG agenda so that there will be a weekly check-in with members about progress and challenges of the project. There was some discussion of the relationship of some of the functionality WorldCat Local (WCL) and the ILS.

Action: Charlotte will do a brief demo of NGM for DMAG in late October and answer DMAG's questions about circulation and other functions which are available in WCL.

Action: Beth will add this as an ongoing item to future DMAG agendas.

3. The next step following the joint meeting of DMAG with members of Technical Services was to be a "Selector-Tech Services" get-together October 9.

Action: Beth will send a note to D/M staff regarding new D/M liaisons to Technical Services.

4. Security - a) Mark and Imani Abalos conducted training for security staff, b) Beth and Library Security staff are conferring about a Gardner Stacks patron recently questioned by UCPD Banned patron, c) Charlotte, Mark and Zsuzsu need orientation for roles as fire safety coordinators in the building.

Action: Mark and Imani will complete documentation about public service training for Library Security training program.

Action: Beth will follow up with Elise Woods and Gary Bland about how the training is going from their point of view.

Action: Beth will follow through with further action and a letter to the patron who has been banned from using Doe and Moffitt.

Action: Beth will write to Miguel Labon to purchase three walkie-talkies and to conduct training for Charlotte Rubens, Mark Marrow and Zsuzsu Listro, as they all have fire safety responsibilities for Doe/Moffitt.

5. Imani drafted a protocol for Doe/Moffitt regarding units which are unexpectedly closed.

Action: Beth will finalize the draft, gather the contact information, and distribute it appropriately.

6. Fall Finals - Summer Scanlan will coordinate fall finals activity this year.

Action: Beth, Mark, Imani and Summer will meet and begin the planning.