DMAG-October 242007

DMAG October 24 Action Items

1. Moffitt Library advisory group/staff meeting

Action: DMAG to review and comment on project team membership by Wednesday, November 14. Action: Beth Dupuis and Kathleen Gallagher will develop operating principles for the teams. They will also compile relevant resource material for the teams. Kathleen will create a project site on bSpace for the teams to post material. She will give a quick training session on bSpace for DMAG members who are unfamiliar or do not use bSpace regularly. Training to be scheduled in early December

2. Submission of public service stats from sampling

Action: Department heads should gather statistics from staff in their units who collected them. Department heads should report stats at the end of the fiscal year with other Library unit stats.

3. "Visitor Information" and "Information for Visitors" web pages

Action: Imani Abalos, Jennifer Dorner, Mark Marrow, and Lisa Weber will meet in November to discuss the issues.

4. Doe/Moffitt lost and found

Action: Imani and Beth will work on draft procedures for handling found items.

5. Gardner Stacks access policy

Actions: Beth will speak with Jesse Silva about the proposed amendment to the access policy.

6. Canon printing issues

Action: Imani to locate protocol for printing issues and will send to DMAG.

7. DM Web Manager position

Action: Beth and Jennifer will work on new position description.

9. Gardner (MAIN) Stacks Task Force report

Action: DMAG to review for the October 31st meeting

MA Marrow