DMAG-October 172007

DMAG Action Items October 17, 2007

1) Discussion about Moffitt Library project

Action: Dupuis and Gallagher will group together the various service and space issues listed in the document reviewed by DMAG. They will articulate expectations for DMAG and other participants in relation to evaluating these existing spaces and services, and will draft a timeline for this process. These will all be sent to DMAG for review by October 31.

2) Confirm Doe/Moffitt hours for fall finals and winter intersession

Action: Dupuis will send DMAG the correct dates for fall finals and winter intersession.

Action: DMAG will send Dupuis confirmation that hours listed in finals and intersession documents are correct.

3) Review of plans for staff discussions about Research and Collections Structure

Action: Dupuis will draft a message to DM Staff about the three meetings scheduled for discussion of reorganization.

4) Discussion of proposals from Safety and Security Committee

Action: DMAG members should send comments indicating their preferences for approaches regarding IDs to Marrow by Wednesday, October 24.

5) Future November 2 dinner in North Reading Room

Action: Send comments to Dupuis about October dinner in the North Reading Room, including suggestions for improvements to the arrangements and organization of such events, by Monday, October 22.

-- J. Dorner