DMAG-November 42009

DMAG November 4, 2009

Action Items:

1) DMAG members should each send their responses to these questions to Dupuis by 11/16:

  • Highest cataloging priorities for Doe/Moffitt
  • Lowest cataloging priorities (what could be delayed, have reduced attention, ceased)
  • Repetitive problems to be addressed
  • Highest priorities for acquisitions for Doe/Moffitt
  • Lowest priorities for acquisitions (what could be delayed, have reduced attention, ceased)
  • Repetitive problems to be addressed

We will refine our ideas at the 11/18 DMAG meeting and Dupuis will forward them to Hurley and Eckman.

2) DMAG members should contact Dorner with any specific ideas or suggestions for consideration as we continue to develop the criteria used to determine decisions for titles in the Moffitt collections as we prepared for its integration with the Gardner Stacks collection.

3) DMAG members should contact Dupuis with any possible projects or tasks which might be suitable for volunteers to assist with in Doe/Moffitt.

4) Department heads should begin to work on possible schedules during spring semester to accommodate the temporary layoff periods which may or may not become a reality. DMAG will continue a discussion of the considerations for various functions or services at the 11/18 meeting.

5) Marrow will arrange with Circulation Services staff to be scheduled for Saturday, April 17 when Doe Library will be open from 10am-3pm for Cal Day.

6) Abalos and Marrow will work with the appropriate library staff to add the call numbers for various levels in Gardner Stacks to the floor plans page linked to in OskiCat.

7) Dupuis will draft a list of library staff who will be authorized to update library hours in the new online database created by Library Systems. Department heads should contact those staff so they attend one of the training sessions on 11/18 or 11/19. Dupuis will send an announcement to those library staff and Zsuzsu to clarify that the initial hours will be coordinated centrally and standard hours will be entered for them, and these authorized users will have access to update hours during the year as special issues arise.

No meeting on 11/11 due to holiday; next meeting on 11/18 with visit from Cheryl Cook.

Submitted by E. Dupuis