DMAG-November 302007

DMAG Action Items November 28, 2007

1) Moffitt Guiding Principles Draft

Action: All department heads are to take another look at the draft and send comments to Gallagher by next Wednesday, December 5th.

2) Staff Requests for Modified Holiday Break Schedules

Action: Department heads are to clarify options with staff who may wish to work during the holiday energy curtailment period, including reminding of them of the systems, such as GLADIS and electrical, that are planned to be completely offline for certain periods, and also to remind staff that, in general, special work arrangements must be submitted for department head approval in advance.

3) Finals Week Experience - Last Minute Issues

Action: Marrow will follow through with G. Bland on training 24-hours study hall volunteers.

Action: Dorner will finalize handout and forward to Marrow as soon as possible.

Action: Dorner will follow up with L. Jones who is designing an advertisement for running in the Daily Cal on December 6-7.

4) Moffitt Elevator Signage

Action: Dorner will coordinate with A. Hamilton on new signage. She will run a draft by DMAG for immediate review and comment.

5) Accommodation for a Student with a Disability

Action: Marrow to draft a memo to H. Cullimore outlining the accommodation adopted, today, by DMAG. He will route the draft to DMAG for immediate review and comment, prior to finalizing.

6) Office Keypad Codes (212, 218, 438 and Doe and Moffitt staff lounges)

Action: Abalos and Cochran will coordinate a change in codes and/or improved keypads for 212,218 and 438, and discuss best practices with staff in those locations that ensure a sense of security.

Action: Dupuis will discuss concerns regarding the Doe and Moffitt staff lounges with M. Labon and G. Bland.

~ I. Abalos