DMAG-November 192008

DMAG Action Items - November 19

1. Do It Yourself Online" flyer/bookmark

Action: Mark Marrow will speak with Moffitt Circulation staff about discarding the old flyers and deleting the master file. Moffitt Circulation staff will order a supply of the new flyer dated January 2008.

2. Reference Card/Stack Pass referral - patron concern

Action: Mark will send a reminder email message to dmrefdsk listserv that the Privileges Desk is closed on Sundays and to issue stacks passes, instead of the reference card.

3. Cal 1 Card Pilot Extension

Action: Imani Abalos will send email to Beth Dupuis, Elise Woods, and Isabel Stirling regarding the possibility of extending the pilot beyond the December 20, 2008 end date.
Action: Imani will contact Paul Payne about the Cal 1 Card wireless printing pilot project.

Next meeting Wednesday, November 26

MA Marrow