DMAG-November 182009

Action Items November 18, 2009

1) Discussion with Cheryl Cook

Action: Dupuis will invite Cook to an early December DMAG meeting to continue today's discussion and to hear ideas for addressing acquisition work flow issues that intersect with Doe/Moffitt selectors and processing staff.

2) Gardner Main Stacks Collection Development Statement

Action: Cochran and Urbanic will develop a collection development summary statement that characterizes the subject areas and formats selected for the Main Stacks, including guidelines for determining items to be relocated to NRLF, transferred elsewhere, or withdrawn. They will present a draft to DMAG for discussion during the January 27 DMAG meeting.

3) Staff Break Room Policy

Action: Marrow will ensure the policy statement is posted in the Doe and Moffitt Staff Rooms. He will ask G. Bland to post the policy to the Library Security wiki.

4) Mofitt Intercom System

Action: Marrow will task his staff to investigate equipment options for broadcasting closures, emergency situations, or other announcements throughout the Moffitt Library for use until such time as a new PA system is installed as part of the Moffitt renovation.

5) Music Library and the One-Month Reference Card

Action: Dupuis will inform Stirling that Music Library may not refer visitors to Doe Reference or Library Privileges for a One-Month Reference Card for checking out headphones for in-library use.

6) DM Winter Hours

Action: Marrow will confirm whether or not Library Security staff will be available to empty the D/M bookdrops over the Winter closure. He will enlist other staff, if necessary.

Next meeting: November 25, 2009

~ I. Abalos