DMAG-November 152007

 DMAG Action Items November 15, 2007

1) Fall Finals Plans

Action: Marrow and Aisha Hamilton will create and place the Fall Finals large signs in Doe, Moffitt, and the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks.

Action: Dorner will revise and make copies of the flyer to be handed out at security desks during finals.

Action: Abalos will contact Preservation about their interest in creating a mini exhibit during finals showing the harmful effects of food and liquids on library materials.

Action: Abalos and Dorner will draft a Daily Cal ad and send final copy to Dupuis in time to make the final publication date for this semester.

2) Doe North Security Desk relocation plans

Action: Dupuis will meet with Space Planning this week to discuss relocating the North Security desk, and account for the issues raised with the exhibit cases and security gates.

3) DM Web Developer and Web Site Manager

Action: DMAG members are to review the draft job criteria and send additional comments to Dorner by November 26.

4) Pagers for Gardner Study Rooms

Action: DMAG is supportive of the proposal to purchase pagers for the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks group study rooms. Marrow and Peter Soriano will work together on a purchase order for Dupuis and related policies and procedures.

5) Gardner Stacks Survey Task Force, recommendations and next steps

Action: Marrow will work with Aisha Hamilton to improve signage in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks, including engagement of users and consideration of different types and placements of signs.

Action: Marrow will work with Mike Rancer and Miguel Labon to investigate details involved in acquiring and installing people counters at the two entrances to the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks (the portal from Doe and Level C from Moffitt).

Action: Marrow will work with Willyce Kim to develop an approach to shelf reading the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks collections.

Action: Dupuis will draft a charge for a small implementation group to develop service to users in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks, taking into account the task force report, additional input from DMAG, and models identified at other locations. The group would be charged in early 2008 with hopes to initiate the service in summer 2008 or fall 2008.

M. Cochran