DMAG-May 92007

DMAG May 9 Action Items

1) Finals week plans

Action: Beth will send thank you notes to each volunteer along with a gift certificate provided by the Library.

2) Doe hallway construction plans

Action: Beth will speak with Aisha Hamilton about revisions to the signs. Imani Abalos volunteered to work with Aisha on the signs, including signs for the South Entrance regarding ADA access to the second floor.

Action: Temporary floor plans will be reproduced. Beth will update the plans and give draft to Aisha. Sarah McDaniel will speak with Aija Kanbergs about handling the distribution of the floor plans. Aija will determine the quantity and color ordered.

Action: Charlotte Rubens will contact Aisha about signs for ILS.

3) DM Library hours for year

Action: Mark Marrow will send out the revised hours template to DMAG. DMAG members will forward to staff for standard operating hours and exceptions. Deadline is June 13.

4) DM pay phone

Action: Two pay phones will remain in Doe/Moffitt libraries - one outside of Moffitt and one in Doe outside of the Development Office. The pay phones near Doe Circulation Desk, Level B Gardner Stacks, and Moffitt second floor will be removed.

5) GA allocations 2007-08

Action: No cuts for FY 2007-08. Units will have the same number of hours. The allocation will be larger to cover student pay increases that will take effect July 1. Beth will follow up on Instructional Services' students, who were paid from the Mellon grant.

6) 190 Doe/Benefits Fair

Action: DMAG agreed that 190 Doe should be the site for the Benefits Fair instead of Morrison Library. Beth will inform Laurie Pangelina that use of 190 Doe is fine.

Update: Subsequent to the May 9 DMAG meeting, the Lipman Room in Barrows will now be the site for the Benefits Fair.

7) Public Services Council (PSC) meeting issues

Action: Beth will follow up with Paul Payne about network upgrade issues with the classrooms in Moffitt, and his interest in swapping PC harddrives in Doe Library. Sarah will follow up with Lynn Jones about PSC reporting.

8) DM Themes items noted for DMAG discussion

Action: Beth will write up a summary of the discussion for the next DMAG meeting for futher action.

9) ADMIRE and DMSelect meeting schedule

ADMIRE: June 19 - topic: Reference July meeting canceled Normal schedule resumes August 7 (first Tuesday of each month)

DMSelect: May 21 - topics: 1)NRLF Newspaper filming (guest: Ogden), 2)Gov Docs CD (guests: Silva and Church) June 18 - topic: NRLF items sent directly upon receipt (should be covered by invite to DMRC-IAS meeting) July 16 - topic: New workflows for processing incoming materials in TS - an update (guests: Leighton, Moon, Green)

DMRC-IAS: June 7 - topic: Items selectors sent to NRLF upon receipt (guests: Moon, Leighton, Kim, interested parties from DMSelect)

10) Announcements

Staff appreciation party June 14 (3-5pm) in the Morrison Library All Reference Staff Meeting July 20 (10-Noon) 150D Moffitt

Marrow 5/14/07