DMAG-May 72008

DMAG May 7 Action Items

1. 225 Doe update Action: Beth Dupuis will request that Library Systems change the current PC logon configuration to a shared logon. Action: Jennifer Dorner will speak with Miguel Labon to have the position of the windows locks changed from the top to the bottom. The current lock position is too high to reach without a ladder.

2. Moffitt Think Tank II Action: Retreat is scheduled for June 16

3. Replacement Costs Action: Beth will speak with Chuck Eckman regarding questions/concerns raised from the pre-pilot testing of placing actual replacement costs for items over $150 in Gladis.

4. Library Hours Action: Beth will talk with Lynne Grigsby-Standfill and Lisa Weber about continued problems with the current hours database program, and possible fixes.

MA Marrow