DMAG-May 302007

Action Items DMAG 5/30

1. Dupuis will send out a spreadsheet with GA hours and proposed increase for each unit

2. Unit Heads should discuss student hours with units and subunits by July 11 in order to propose any changes to the allocations.

3. Abalos will propose a day and time for Beth to meet with Abalos, Cochran, and Urbanic to discuss the 'RRC' budget.

4. Dupuis will follow up with Rancer and Marrow about NRLF Saturday delivery.

5. Marrow will assign responsibility in DMCS for checking and troubleshooting PCs in the Main Stacks.

6. McDaniel will ask H. Tse to update the Academic Support Units Liaisons list with new information, including H. Cullimore's new role as Library Disabilities Coordinator and Liaison to the Disabled Students Program and S. Mendoza's new roles as Doe/Moffitt Tours Coordinator and Doe/Moffitt Cal Day Coordinator. Abalos will now oversee these responsibilities.

7. Dupuis will follow up with Payne about the 550C workstation issue.

8. Dupuis will contact Yasaki about changing the construction signage from noting only Gardner Stacks to noting Doe Library North Entrance.

9. Unit Heads should send any people currently volunteering in their library to LHRD for a CalNet ID.

10. Abalos, in Dupuis's absence, will develop the June 6 DMAG agenda, calling for topics in advance.

S. McDaniel