DMAG-May 212008

DMAG May 21 Action Items

1. Doe/Moffitt Student Supervisors Group: Gisele Herrmann and Shannon Monroe met with DMAG and indicated there have been four meetings so far of the staff who supervise students in Doe/Moffitt units. Action Items from the DMAG discussion:

a) Beth will ask Susan Wong to remember to send reminders to staff about the SPOT Awards regularly, with special attention to student eligibility.

b) Charlotte will ask Elise Woods and Susan Wong if there is going to be any assessment of the Pilot Pay Program; if there is any data we can be given that would indicate whether the student retention rate has decreased or increased; and whether student exit letters shed any light on the data or topic of student retention.

c) Shannon and Gisele will contact other supervisors and DMAG will find out from their units if others have suggestions or strategies for reaching out, rewarding and/or providing incentives for students to stay.

2. Gardner Stack Signs: Aisha Hamilton and Mark Marrow presented a preliminary "Gardner Stacks Signage Proposal." Action Items:

a) In a June or July meeting, DMAG will look at the proposal in conjunction with what is going to be the Doe signage system.

b) Mark will post the Gardner Stack proposal on the DM Staff wiki under the "Gardner Stack Survey." NOTE: this has been done and the proposal is available at the following URL:

c) Mark and Aisha will go forward with purchasing temporary signage stands as proposed.

d) DMAG will work on the text for policy signs in June.

e) After the Moffitt Think tank paper on exhibits and displays is completed, Aisha and DMAG will make sure that Doe/Moffitt and Gardner signs work well together.

3. Staff Evaluations Due August 1: Supervisors should select the new evaluation form that seems most appropriate for the position.

4. Career Compass: DMAG members should talk with their invited staff and make sure they are prepared for the May 28 meeting in Evans 220 on job mapping.