DMAG-May 122010

Doe/Moffitt Advisory Group
May 12, 2010 Meeting

Action Items:

Privileges for Library Volunteers

  • Beth Dupuis will arrange a meeting between Mark Marrow, Sheehan Grant, Susan Wong and Judy Deliramich to work out policies and processes regarding library privileges for library volunteers such as those participating in the Library Volunteer Program Pilot with Bancroft and Gifts & Exchange. The original plan to require volunteers to get a Cal1Card seems most efficient overall.

Morrison Library Access

  • Imani Abalos will organize re-keying of Morrison Library to help ensure security for the collections, equipment, and stored materials there. Process will include working with Miguel Labon for re-keying, contacting all known units and individuals who have keys about new access arrangements during Morrison business hours, and drafting a message for dmstaff@ and doestaff@ once the re-keying is completed.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Beth Dupuis will contact Elise Woods who is the Library coordinator for this project overall. A replacement for Imani Abalos is needed to answer the questions related to prioritizing public services restoration after a disaster or emergency. The new appointee need not come from Doe/Moffitt, and a future Roundtable meeting might be a good venue to share ideas before submitting them to campus.

Computing, Copying and Printing

  • Imani Abalos will confirm with Paul Payne that the Cal1Card summer pilot (to pay for printing) in Doe/Moffitt should take place near Doe Reference since Moffitt Reference will be closed. Also the Virtual PC summer pilot (for users to test the new image previously only tested with staff) will include 10-15 stations in the Doe Reference Hall. Imani will send a message to appropriate reference lists.

Submitted by E. Dupuis